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Attention: New Members Trying to Register and Post

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  • Attention: New Members Trying to Register and Post

    There seems to be a problem with new members receiving the confirmation email after registering for an account.

    If this is you, please PM me or use the "Contact Us" page to let me know so that I can manually approve your account. Hopefully the issue is resolved soon.

    Thank you, and welcome to HIDplanet!

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    I just wanted to bump this, since emails are not being sent again. New members just need to PM me or another admin and we'll approve your account!


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      Thanks to BlackEdition for the tips!

      Originally posted by BlackEdition View Post
      In case anyone was/is having a problem activating their account, continue reading below.

      So I registered back in 2015 and I was facing the same problem, no activation email anywhere! I think I gave up back then and moved on. Now that im back here again, I discovered that I can't post anything and my account is still not active. So I registered with a different email address and I finally got the activation email this time.

      To anyone that didn't get an activation link/code, go here and type your email then you'll get an activation email where you just click on the activation link and be finally done with this:

      If you already have an activation code then you can just use this page:

      I find it weird that no one has talked about this before, and no mention whatsoever in the help page or anywhere in the website about where to access those activation links. I suggest adding a little bit of info in your help page so people can find it.
      I continue to monitor the "Contact Us" email, and manually approve any new members who ask for help


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        Bumping this to say that the forum has been fixed again, so posting and PM errors should be fixed. As always, let me know if anything is not working, or you need your accounts or posts approved!