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Car Headlight’s Fogging and Water Inflow

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  • Car Headlight’s Fogging and Water Inflow

    How To Solve This Problem About The Car Headlight’s Fogging and Water Inflow?

    With bi-xenon converted more and more known and accepted by the drivers , and they are very familiar with. the drivers also mentioned a problem here, that is -- Lamp's fog and water inflow.

    Now, I will explain this problem(Why the Car headlight will have the fog and water inside?) First, we should have a scientific understanding about the fog inflow. It is different with the water inflow.

    The so-called fogging, is that car headlights be turned off and cooling, the inner wall attached a thin layer of water vapor. As we know, when the car headlights be using then will produce heat, to ensure the normal using of headlights, it must have heat dissipation. It is the same with that engine needs to be cooling. Thus, there is a pressure relief valve rear headlight heat exchange. After using the headlight and headlight warming, the internal pressure rises, the outside air temperature is low and less pressure, then through the relief valve can be exchanged with the flow of air to the heat exchange. However, the outside air is with moisture, so the humid air into the headlights when the headlight be switch off and cooling, fog is likely to happen. in which case this water vapor can dissipate, it is normal.

    The so-called water inflow, refers to the formation of water in the headlights, the inner wall of ampshade attached large particles water droplets, and they are unable to dissipate in the short term, this situation is car headlamps sealing problem, it is not normal.

    Q. Why after changed the car headlight then the fog appeared? There are several reasons.
    (1) there is the same situation before the lights changing, but you pay more attention to after changing of your car headlights;
    (2) , Before changing, the original car halogen lamp is 55W-65W, but after changing, xenon lamp is 35W. The former 55W lamp have bigger power and heat, so it is faster on the rate of evaporation of water vapor;
    (3) Halogen light without lens is more scattered than Xenon lamp with a lens , so halogen light have a bigger heating evaporation area than xenon lamp;
    (4) A xenon lamp with a lens, the lens is transparent, and it will filter and absorbs part of the heat, which also affected the moisture evaporated by heating.

    As much as possible to prevent fogging and water inflow such cases, the technician sure to seal headlamp and rear waterproof and dustproof work place during operation can also be placed in the desiccant headlights, and its periodic replacement. This allows the probability of such a situation arise minimize!

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    For heaven's sake I hope your primary language isn't English, because if it's not I can understand. This is very difficult to read and comprehend.


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      Hi dear, I am so sorry for my poor English , yes my primary language isn't English. I am a chinese If you are interested in talking with me on Skype: zoey.lion-leds. I was wrote this article is to help car owners to solve the problem of head lamp replacement. But it look not helful becuase my poor english. hahahahaha....whatever, I will learn my english hard. Thank you for your reponds.



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