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TRS Quality Issues - REPOST! (STICKIED!)

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  • TRS Quality Issues - REPOST! (STICKIED!)

    Hi TRS,

    I noticed this morning that my thread from the other day was deleted. I can only assume this is because I was asking about a couple of serious quality issues.

    Quality issues aside this is a very poor practice on your end to censor the very criticism you praised on the comments of that youtube video.

    Matt, I appreciate the quick response when I had my issue but the fact that you claim it has never happened clearly has shows a lack of honesty on your end. I'm sure you can see who deleted the thread in question. It seems to be a common problem on this forum, I've questioned things before only to have my comments removed because someone at TRS didn't like being called out.

    What I would like to know and I'm sure many other members here is what advantage does the removable base have over the standard bulb bases where the wires hardwired in to the bulb?

    The design of your current bulbs has been what's holding me back from buying your kit and from the sounds of other customers comments there are many people that want to know why you changed the design.

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    This gon be interesting.
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      BVC, you're right my friend, this is gon be interesting.

      Let's explore why this thread was deleted...

      1) It was created by "ERP" ....whose actually DDM Tuning. Lets continue, shall we?

      2) Take a look at the 10 posts ERP has made on the forum. Strangely, they're all either taking a stab at TRS, or chiming in on a DDM related thread in a positive light. Suspicious? I think so.

      2) In typical TRS fashion, we're here to take care of anybody whose got an issue with a product they ordered. ERP Posts about his cracking XB LED bulbs (a problem that literally nobody has ever had) and Andrew simply asks for his order number so that we could start making things right.

      His Post:

      His Order Number:

      3) Lets take a look at the details on that order number. Placed April 20th probably high as a kite, and probably didn't think twice about the phone number they provided.....

      4) Oh wait, thats DDM Tunings phone number, listed right on their brand new website:

      5) And if we look at the shipping address for that order number, wow, that's right up the street from their shop.

      6) And last but not least: linking to a YouTube account created just 5 days ago with "another guy" who had the exact same [non-existent] issue ERP did..not to mention pointing out that tired ole 6.0 reflector bowl that's been the spotlight in 9/10 of DDM's silly email marketing blasts to our dealers. In the comments, they claim they've been doing installs for 8 years - but strangely have no other videos on their channel documenting any of it. If you search the internet for "NV Retrofits" there are zero results for such a company. Not even a facebook page with 3 likes. 8 years?

      While these facts don't necessarily prove the video itself was made by DDM, it's pretty obvious. Besides, their headquarters are in Las Vegas, NV.

      Imagine that folks! Not only should this thread permanently remain open, it should probably be stickied so everybody knows just how desperate they are. Please help spread the word about the way DDM Tuning runs their business. Buying "competitors" products, purposefully destroying them, and then creating slanderous videos and forum threads making bogus claims about defects and quality control. Big time backfire and we're not hesitating to call you out this time, DDM.

      DDM Tuning: You are not our competition and we are not yours. Thought we came to an understanding last year. Give it a rest, Jim.

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        Oh snap!!

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          Oh daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!

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            Deeeestroyed! Haha


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              CALLED OUTTTTT

              you want it? Here It is. HERES MY MIND
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                This is Gold.

                Did they really have to stoop that low?


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                    DDM tuning, you just got owned lol


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                      Well done


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                        Bout time a big screw up of theirs got called out. I love TRS lol

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                          That's actually an awesome reply. Good on you Matt.!


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                              DDM tuning just got owned. What losers.
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