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  • TRS Product Support Forum Guidelines

    Welcome to the new TRS Product Support forum! Finally, HIDplanet has a place specifically for you to talk directly to TRS about any issues you are having with your purchase. TRS will be making the effort to check this section during their regular business hours, so you can be assured that they will see your thread here.

    Sometimes emails go unanswered, phones are busy, and things happen. So people resort to posting here on HIDplanet in order to get TRS's attention about things that tend to be private. However, TRS has no problem with answering your questions publicly, talk about customer service! Besides, many people will have your same question in the future, so they can find solutions to their problems immediately by looking here first.

    Therefore, new threads should generally only be started by customers of TRS... people who have bought and received something from TRS. However, you can also start a thread here if you have a specific question about one of their products or something on their website. Basically, anything that you need TRS to respond to.

    So, it makes sense that the replies to these question threads should generally only be made by TRS staff. However, regular members are welcome to reply as well, if they really know what they are talking about. But it's probably best to leave these threads for TRS, so regular members should feel no obligation to answer questions in this section. But if the topic is more of a discussion than a question, then you are welcome to chime in if you also have an interest in hearing TRS's response (like if it's a discussion asking about new bulbs or projectors).

    Once an issue is resolved, TRS's staff is welcome to close/lock the thread, as if it were a customer service ticket. The way TRS responds to these threads will show how dedicated they are to their customers!

    So here's to TRS in 2014, the Year of Customer Service!

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