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Morimoto igniter troubleshooting

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  • Morimoto igniter troubleshooting


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    OK, browser issues aside...

    Having problems with some Morimoto D2S black igniters, hoping to get some stroubleshooting info. I'll try to make a long story short.

    I'm on my third igniter now. The first lasted a few days in my truck and quit working. I bench tested with a DC supply and spare ballast and bulb, not working. TRS was good about getting me a replacement, it did not work at all, the following replacement does not work at all.

    After the first igniter failed I have been testing on a bench with a 15A DC supply, morimoto ballast and osram bulb. The black igniters do not work but if I swap in any orange igniters which have been in my possession for at least a few years the bulb lights no problems. I Swap the black igniter in and no light, not even a flicker.

    Any ideas? I suggested it may be a morimoto quality problem but that seemed to go nowhere.