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Weird firing issue #2

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  • Weird firing issue #2

    Ok...I figured it out lol

    New member here and I need some expert advice on a weird issue I'm having with my 9004/9007 Morimoto Elite kit

    Backround: I've had this kit for at least 4 years, it's work perfectly until recently. I decided to retrofit some H1 projectors/bulbs to replace the 9007/stock reflector combo. I noticed that after retrofit my bulbs would take a few minutes to fire up. After a while the fire up time became longer and longer up to the point that now they wont come on at all. Here's the weird part...They only fired if I use the "flash to pass" on my turn signal stalk. I have to pull back and hold the stalk in the FTP position in order for my lights to work. Here's what I've done so far:

    Replaced headlight switch with OEM replacement...Still wont fire

    Replaced old Morimoto harness with new, Checked all ground wires to make sure they are tight and to bare metal...Still wont fire

    Pull back stalk to use FTP...THEY WORK

    So I know its not a ballast issue since they work in FTP mode...I know its not a harness issue since I installed a brand new harness...And I know its not a ground issue because I redid all my ground connections tight and to bare metal

    Any Ideas??? I'm completely baffled