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Ford F150 (09-14) Morimoto XB Headlight Assembly Issue

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  • Ford F150 (09-14) Morimoto XB Headlight Assembly Issue

    Part#: 1xLF552

    Installation was a breeze, but having issues when high beams are turned on.

    Low beams work fine both sides but when high beams are actuated driver's side is ok. It's the passenger side that completely shuts off-->Both LEDS on that assembly shut off, the DRL is still operating. Cycle back to low beams and the low beam led comes back on.

    Put a voltage meter on OEM plug and there's voltage to low+high. I'm thinking that there must be internally shorting in the assembly itself?

    My wife bought them for her son's pickup and I installed them tonight, but I'll have the wife call the next time you're open to see what else can be done.

    Just giving you guys a heads up!