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Morimoto Elite HID conversion kit problems

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  • Morimoto Elite HID conversion kit problems

    I purchased the XB35 H7 conversion kit to install in Anzo switchbacks on my 2016 F-150. I installed yesterday, and it has been nothing but problems. I have gotten both sides to illuminate at the same time only twice on the first try. One side or the other will illuminate about 80% of the time, and sometimes neither side will illuminate. I have switched ballasts and igniters separately to either side, and it seems to make no difference. All of the components function at least some of the time, so I know there is no outright failure, and if i turn my lights on and off enough times (approximately 5-6 times) eventually both sides illuminate. It seems to be just a very spotty, low quality system. I am ready to pull the whole thing (installed less than 24 hours) and return for refund and start over with another brand, or if they say they can't refund defective product after it's been installed just dispute the charge with my credit card issuer (thank god I didn't use my debit card to buy these) and just avoid Morimoto like the plague on future projects, which is a shame because my next lighting project was going to be Morimoto tail lights. I am beyond frustrated right now because no matter what happens I've already sunk probably 7-8 hours worth of labor assembling and disassembling and re-assembling and disassembling and re-assembling the front end of my truck.

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    You probably have some Ford CANBUS trickery going on. Modern cars are usually very weird with HIDs. Are you running capacitors, CANBUS error cancellers, anything?

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