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  • Hid/Halo problem


    I have had an ongoing problem that may be better described here, as the phone support was unfortunately uncapable of grasping the issue completely .

    When I flip on the left ballast, the left Halo also freaks out. It will go out for 5 seconds and come back, or it'll come back a completely different colour .

    As we know, these are totally separate circuits. Trs support kept pushing ferrite beads on the controller lines while saying that it was emi to the controller or rfi to the controllers receiver for the remote . As I tried to explain, the controller can Not in any way change the colour to one Halo .they are parralelled to it . After arguing that, I sadly got kinda cut off like I didn't understand what I was talking about.

    I took the time to diagnose this to poor sheilding between the led driver and led Halo .Maybe the driver itself . How do I know? I unplugged everything and jumped the 4 driver input wires directly to the battery .I then jumped the ballast to a SEPARATE battery not sharing a ground. Ballast fired and the halo freaked out . So is it the controller? No. It's the driver or something between.

    Has anyone heard of this led driver or wiring issue? It's gotta be either interference, or arcing. The led driver is mounted close to the ballast. However I was told by trs that the driver isn't succeptable to emi. I think it is and I think I have a bad driver . Or a very poorly sheilded driver/ wire somewhere .

    I would appreciate suggestions or help. My next step is to dismount the driver and move some wires around .but it is a pain and I also don't want to reduce my hid bulbs life by constantly firing it to test this .

    Thanks in advance .