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Malfunctioning HD Relay Harness from day one!

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  • Malfunctioning HD Relay Harness from day one!

    Dear TRS Shop,

    I have retrofitted my Renault Megane 3 headlights, with RX350 bixenon projectors, Osram 66240 bulbs, -purchased from you- and Hylux 35W Ballasts (previously purchased from XenonDepot), .
    I also had an old H7 Relay Harness installed. After a couple of months the left side headlight started flickering. I was able to isolate the problem to be with the Relay Harness (Everything works perfectly if the Ballasts are connected directly to the OEM harness of the car).

    I decided to purchase a new relay from your shop,the HD Relay H7 Harness. I installed it as the guide on the website has instructed. Everything seems working from the first glance as it was installed at day.
    Now testing it at the night of the same day, I find that the right side's of my car is flickering (this is the other side, that used to have no problems). So I opt that the relay for the right side is malfunctioning.

    Now, should I change all the harness, or changing the relay for that side is more than enough?


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    Send them an email/call them if you're in USA. They don't monitor this forum.