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Brand New TRS Morimoto XD35 Ballast not igniting!

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  • Brand New TRS Morimoto XD35 Ballast not igniting!

    My driver's side HID light went out. Due to lack of spare time, I Switched the driver's side ballast to the passenger side and the passenger side didn't light up. So, I reasoned that it was a bad ballast. So, I bought the new TRS Morimoto XB35 ballasts. I only put the driver's side in last night b/c it's all I had time for. But it didn't ignite right away. The bulb flickered for a second, and then nothing. I flipped the light switch off and on again, still nothing.

    Then on the way back home from our evening destination, I left the hightlight switch on after one toggle off and on again, and the driver's side light eventually came on. (I had left the light switch on because it was dark out 9:30pm. But the passenger side was already lit from the old Morimoto 3Five DSP ballast. Before the driver's side light lit up, I could hear a rapid clicking sound (similar to a gas stove top igniter), and it did the same thing this morning. Sometimes it just clicks and tries to ignite the bulb, but it doesnít work. But when I turn the light switch off and then back on, it usually lights up after a bunch of the driverís side clicks. Itís annoying and I donít know if itís safe.

    My question is, Is this driver side lighting up slower due to the "mis-matched" ballasts? Do you think the older ballast is pulling current quicker, thereby making the new one wait? Or is the relay in my Wire harness bad, again? Do you think once I install the other new ballast things will return to normal?

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    Mismatching ballasts is fine. No, it won't pull current away from the other one. Not possible. I'm currently running one Denso and one EKLight slim ballast.

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      Thanks B. I'll keep things on my other thread so we don't bounce back and forth on threads.