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quad BI-LED MORIMOTO M LED setup for a Nissan Maxima

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  • quad BI-LED MORIMOTO M LED setup for a Nissan Maxima

    Hi everyone,

    My car is in the shop right now to get re-do on my old retrofit job. I had a quad projector bi-xenon Mini H1 7.0 setup for my 2014 Nissan Maxima (basically a new Mini H1 was carved into where the reflector was and another Mini H1 w/ a bracket was installed where the stock H11 low beam projector was).

    Now, before my guys re-do this job, I have the option to get a quad LED setup instead.

    They are D2S. If my Maxima was stock HID, the low beam would've been a D2S and high beam a reflector. However, my OEM headlights were halogen, so the low beam is an H11 and the high beam is still a reflector.

    My biggest concern is whether it's even possible to put this quad LED setup for my headlights.

    For the reflector part, they can carve a hole and fit the LED projector like they did with the original Mini H1 projector. However, on the stock H11 low beam projector, is it even possible to fit this LED projector?

    Also, I had ordered 70mm Morimoto switchback halos for the 4 Mini H1's. What size halos could I use for these M-LED projectors?
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    You should have plenty of room. The Maxima headlight is as big as a pickup truck headlight. I would have at least 1 D2S setup in there, or preferably go two. Bi-LEDs don't have much width, and if the LED goes out you will have to retro the whole thing again. With D2S you can replace the bulb or driver. Only LED stuff I would mess with now is OEM.


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      i would prefer to do a quad setup consisting of an led main projector, and then use a d2s projector for secondary duties. led is relatively narrow in most cases yet except for the multi-lens oem setups, so there's minimal benefit to dual narrow projectors.
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