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2014 Ram 1500 D2S 4.0 swap into OEM Projector Housings

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  • 2014 Ram 1500 D2S 4.0 swap into OEM Projector Housings

    I installed my D2S 4.0 projectors this weekend into my OEM Projector (Halogen) lamps. I originally had a TRS Morimoto XB35 9012 low beam, so I purchased the projectors, brackets, D2S bulbs, and igniters. Using the Ballasts I already had for the low beams, and the CANBUS harness (2 NEW).

    I cannot get the low's to turn on at all. First just swapped plugs around between low and high beam ballasts and CANBUS... Nothing..

    Then I swapped igniters, still noting... side to side. I'm dumbfounded. the Low Beam sys was functioning just fine the last time I drove the vehicle. I verifed 12.46VDC going into the ballast. Anyone have input? I'm at a loss, and need low beams I return to work tomorrow 3pm-11pm! HELP!!! SOS....

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    I ordered a spare set of D2S Bulbs, and D2S Igniters, they came in today and through troubleshooting. It was determined I have the wrong igniters.

    I have xB 35 Ballasts with orange brackets, the D2S igniters I had were "black" on the connector (newer style/gen), my ballasts had orange brackets, Travis and I came to the conclusion I need the orange D2S igniters to use with the ballasts I have. They probably will not be delivered til the first of the week but I will update the post as soon as I verify this fixes my issue. It has to, but I NEED LOW BEAMS! Hahah...


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      What a predicament. Glad you got it (hopefully) figured out!

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        Confirmed I had the wrong igniters, I needed the “orange” so FYI

        Orange ballast brackets = orange igniters

        Stainless brackets = black igniters

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          neat lens etch idea/design!


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            How was it opening the headlights? hows the output? My order just shipped but wtf knows when il get to do the retro. I'm doing demon eyes, lens etch with the ram logo, halos and the new profile LED hi beams.