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Left Hids on at idle

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  • Left Hids on at idle

    I left my hids on at idle for around 3 hours and when i went back to the vehicle both bulbs were off. I'm guessing both bulbs over heated?

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    Welcome to HID Planet!

    Bulbs don't overheat. We're going to need more details. What bulbs? What ballasts? Are you running a harness? What vehicle? Was the engine idling or did you leave the car off?

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      sounds like your battery died lol

      that's what happens when people leave their lights on

      or they are just cheap HIDs

      did you try turning them off and back on again? lol


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        Unless your car came with OE HID, always run relay wiring harness.


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          Originally posted by gold94corolla View Post
          sounds like your battery died lol
          3 hours shouldn't kill a battery that will consistently start a car
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            Originally posted by soundman98 View Post

            3 hours shouldn't kill a battery that will consistently start a car
            Yes it can.

            We don't know how old his battery is, or what weather conditions he lives in. I left my HIDs on for 20 mins, and it killed my battery. But, I could tell my battery was losing cranking power just by the sound of the engine turning over.

            So, his battery could have been on it's last leg, and he didn't know it.

            Since I drive a manual trans, we push started the car, and all was well and I replaced the battery.

            Leaving your HIDs on without the motor running is a BAD idea IMO.

            To OP, check your battery for bulging sides. HIDs killing your battery like this is a recipe to shorting the life of it.