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from oem H13 to ACMEH1/Morimoto wiring questions....

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  • from oem H13 to ACMEH1/Morimoto wiring questions....

    Hi! and first time post. Going from HID then LED to Halogen..holy...I might have just drove at night with no lights on... so I decided to bite the bullet and buy a retrofit ACME H1 Super project to replace poor H13 dual low/high halogen lights on our winter vehicle. Wanted it to be cost effective as its pretty much a winter beater

    I read through install guides and am still a bit confused as I lay out the components (first pic) to see how they all connect and am now second guessing what has to be done.
    Vehicle currently has H13 dual filament, so one connector wire harness. It is CANBUS and will throw up headlight bulb warning, so I selected the Morimoto H13 CANBUS module.

    My area of concern is how the projector high beam solenoid gets connected...(second pic)
    Do the two wires coming from the projector solenoid connect to the CANBUS module as I have laid out in my pic? If so, how, as the ACME projector solenoid pins are flat and the Morimoto CANBUS module has round female pin connectors.
    btw, DRL is not an issue as I will program the vehicle to disable them.
    Third image is just the H13 wiring.

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    Upload them to imgur and then post the bbcode/forum links here


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      thanks posted.


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        hmm, it seems like you probably have everything correct there.

        That squared thing you have as "not used" is indeed not used, you can get rid of that.

        You will have to adapt those wires together for the high beam


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          Thanks gold94....I'll look for connector(s) that I can splice together.