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Light Flicker issues with H11 kit

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  • Light Flicker issues with H11 kit

    I recently completed an HID install on my 2018 4runner and I am unfortunately having "flickering" issues. I am using H11b XB bulbs and potted AMP Denso ballasts. Both bulbs flicker, but the passenger side is much worse. No issues with the lights firing up; haven't had a single miss fire as of yet (knock on wood). I would note that my lights aren't "strobing", just "flickering or shimmering". There are no odd noises either. Just the faithful Denso hum that I am used to hearing.

    Here is what I have done to troubleshoot this issue.

    1. Installed the included HD relay: No change in flickering
    2. Installed an "anti-flicker" capacitor from TRS to the HD relay: No change in flickering
    3. Removed the HD relay: No change in flickering
    4: Tried a "stand-alone can-bus harness": No change in the flickering
    5. Changed out Denso Ballasts with some known working 3five ballasts: No change in flickering
    6. Tested Denso ballasts with an old 3five H1 bulb outside my headlight: No observed flickering.

    From my testing, it would appear that both of my bulbs are having an issue. I have checked all of my connections, tested my grounds on my relay harness, and the lights still flicker.

    For the H1 test, I put together a simple setup that allowed me to watch the light pattern on my garage wall without being blinded. Not the best test, as there was no focal point, but I did not see any flickering after several minutes.

    Any suggestions or ideas? Again, connections are fine, grounds are fine, and the ballasts don't seem to be the issue since I swapped them without a noticeable change.

    Really scratching my head on this one.