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Need help with Settings for showing headlight throw

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  • Need help with Settings for showing headlight throw

    Have a Canon EOS Rebel T3. Looking for help picking up how far the headlights I build throw. I live on a rural horse ranch with a long private road (great for testing) The latest piece will clearly illuminate a treeline 1000 ft away, but when I take photos the camera picks up foreground light more than my eyes do.

    Any ideas?
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    The real value from light testing on a private road comes from quantifiable data which can only be derived from light sensing equipment.

    Photos, while in rare cases can be useful for comparing light distributions, they offer nothing of scientific value. Mostly because photos do not/cannot provide real representations of what the human eye sees in person. At least when it comes to evaluating lighting in dark environments. Adjusting camera settings (as you are attempting to do) can help to achieve a more *realistic* impression of the lighted environment but that's all it really is -- an impression.

    In the end, what are you trying to share with others? How better one lamp is over another with photos?

    One method is objective. The other is subjective.


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      Test subject is a C6 corvette headlight stock vs. LED projector/LED high beam upgrade.

      Using a Morimoto light meter against a wall 25 feet away, I tested Top dead center, and 10 degrees top off-center

      Results were as follows (single headlight):

      OEM low beam only (35w D1S Osram HID on factory ballast)
      Center: 422 Lux
      10 deg off: 172.5 Lux
      Notes: Relatively intense across width of pattern. Some bleed over the top of cutoff.

      OEM high beam only (H9 halogen)
      Center: 450 Lux
      10 deg off: 56 Lux
      Notes: Ugly yellow color, Semi-spot pattern

      OEM Low+ high
      Center: 750 Lux
      10 deg off: 190 Lux
      Notes: horrible color mismatch

      Bi-LED low beam
      Center: 900 Lux 10
      deg off: 84.5 Lux
      Notes: very Sharp cutoff (no bleed over), More focused hot spot in center of pattern.

      Bi-LED high beam
      Notes: Same intensity as in low mode, but with additional vertical spread.

      LED high beam (Morimoto High)
      Center : 1,090 Lux
      10 deg off: 45 Lux
      Notes: Intense center hot spot with some horizontal spread

      LED projector high beam combo
      Center: 2,030 Lux
      10 deg off 137 Lux
      Notes: Extreme central hot spot

      Photos in this thread here:
      Formerly Radioflyer97, had to re-register.