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My Honda Ridgeline Retrofit! By BFC

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  • My Honda Ridgeline Retrofit! By BFC

    Hello everyone,

    This is my official review of my custom retrofit from a great retrofitter called Black Flame Customs. I own a 2008 Honda Ridgeline EX-L Navi (top model for Canadian customers) and I have been very happy with it. For some time I had been using a few different brands of HID systems in order to get some more light out of those mediocre halogen reflector pots. I always knew that the proper way to utilize HID lights is to have them in a projector that focuses the light appropriately. But my excuse for not doing this was lack of knowledge on how to do it, where to send it, and my unwillingness to spend close to $1000 to get this done. So I continued to use reflector housing with my HID lights because, despite the fact that it's wrong, they still output more light than a halogen light. As time went on I've become more and more interested in doing this the proper way, so I looked into it and got a little more information. However, despite all of the things I found out, when I emailed JB at BFC (Black Flame Customs) I thought I know what I was asking for, but I didn't, haha.

    JB and I have exchanged in excess of 100 emails throughout the whole process, and all responses were in a timely manner. Why so many emails? Well, for lack of better words, I didn't know what I was talking about to a point and every single time I thought about something regarding the build, I asked JB and he answered me in detail!

    So with all of JB's help and me wanting to have the best light output and quality I can get to my style and taste, JB set me up with 2.5" FX-R v3.0 projectors, Morimoto DSP 3Five Ballasts, and OSRAM XENARC CBI bulbs. The result? Amazingly white, super bright light, and what I noticed more so, was the even light pattern throughout the road with no "hot spots". It really is a far cry from stock lighting on a halogen reflector equipped vehicle.

    I should mention that I am a very particular person when it comes to my vehicle and details. So after first installing my new lights, I noticed that the right light was off angle just slightly. It was twisted just a little bit counter clockwise. After a few weeks of driving like it, I couldn't let it go because it bothered me (being picky like I am) and I sent JB an email with my concerns. I was immediately given to choice to send the equipment back to him so he could fix it, or attempt a fix myself with his guidance. I chose to take the guidance and avoid sending it back. It turned out that the rotational fix was outside of any scope I was comfortable trying, so JB took the light back with no questions asked, fixed it, and sent it back to me 100% straight with no issues. Of course I was discouraged that this had to happen to me of all people, but the amazingly stellar customer service and support received to mitigate this issue was overwhelming to say the least. I can be 100% comfortable saying that I've never had anyone in any retail position do as much and be so supportive as JB and BFC have been.

    Overall, my experience with BFC and JB have been an absolute pleasure and I am HIGHLY recommending that if you are thinking about traveling down the road of an HID retrofit, talk to them, tell them what you want, and let the games begin! It's painless because JB knows exactly what he's talking about and can really set your mind at ease when it comes to uncertainty about anything regarding the retrofit.

    Here are some pictures!

    Off angle light -

    Fixed lights! -

    Misc Pics -

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    Very nice! Those look great black with a charcoal/gray body!

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      Really cool man


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        Are those V3 Tritons in the corners?

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          Looks great I have a 2012 Ridgeline and have been thinking about a retro. What headlight housings did you use? Are they some kind of aftermarket?


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            Glad you're happy Tony. They look great! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to make adjustments and get you all set!

            Originally posted by dtexan View Post
            Looks great I have a 2012 Ridgeline and have been thinking about a retro. What headlight housings did you use? Are they some kind of aftermarket?
            They are Depo replica housings.


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              Originally posted by TRSAndrew View Post
              Are those V3 Tritons in the corners?
              Hey Andrew, those are actually the dual color 5k switchback led signals from Very awesome lights, and super bright, they switch to flashing amber when the turn signal is on and back to 5k white when the turn signal switches off for daytime running. Here's a link -


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                What an amazing looking retrofit! It totally transforms the front end of your truck and you have an awesome amount of light to drive by, ..full of WIN!!! Paula xx
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                  what light bar is that?
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                    Originally posted by soundman98 View Post
                    what light bar is that?
                    That sir is a Rigid industries 20" SR light bar


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                      Meant to share these pictures from the original build post. Thanks again Tony


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                        They look good on the car. Goes with the gray well.
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                          I really like these. A classy no frills business-like appearance that really accentuates the front end of the Ridgeline. Well done and great looking output.