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    Since I live in the Netherlands buying projectors straight from TRS can become quite expensive with taxes, import duty and all kinds of nonsense. After searching for a vendor that is located in Europe I found XenoNL as a authorised reseller of TRS/Morimoto. The only problem was, the product that I wanted to order (d2s 4.0) was not in the webshop. After emailing with the owner he mentioned that every product TRS/Morimoto sells is also available trough him ! This meant that I no longer had to pay import duty and other nonsense so only the duty (21% in NL) remained.

    Shipping took 2 weeks since TRS did not have any d2s 4.0's in stock but, even then it's really fast. IMO this now means that there is a reputable seller in the EU that sells TRS/Morimoto products at a price that is lower then you would pay when you would import yourself.

    Haven't removed the wrapping yet since I don't have time to retrofit the projectors right now but as you can see they are genuine Morimoto.

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