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NNJ headlight Restoration needed

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  • NNJ headlight Restoration needed

    I have a 2007 ES350 and like many of this generation the drivers side headlight seems badly oxided but from the inside, you can even see little surface cracks in there. Looking for someone local that can bake it, crack it open, polish the inside, and seal it back up. Iím looking to trade it in so I donít want to buy a new crazy expensive headlight.

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    While I'm pretty sure that you're opting to repair the lamp instead of replace it with an OEM original part due to cost, you may be surprised to know this...

    In a recent test conducted by AAA, they concluded (using two different vehicle headlamps) that repairing a hazed lens, either by means of a DIY kit and also by having a professional perform the service that the performance of the lamp was on average only 67%-74% of the performance of a brand new OEM lamp. This means that you are note getting FULL performance even by polishing the lens.

    The certified (NSF) aftermarket replacement headlamps were at 80%-99% of OEM performance.

    If you can't afford a brand new OEM lamp then perhaps a certified aftermarket lamp (NSF or CAPA) would be a better choice than opting for the repair service.