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Need Budget Switchbacks for 2013 Duramax Denali

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  • Need Budget Switchbacks for 2013 Duramax Denali

    Hey guys. I am in desperate need of new headlights for my "new to me" 2013 Denali HD. The previous owner had someone switch out the side marker reflectors and the turn signal lens from amber to clear and when they put them back in they have bad condensation. Thats issue #1. #2 is they replaced the turn signals with LED's without the resistor so hyper-flash is unbelievable. Next they left the old ass nasty orangish stock hi and low bulbs in it so when they are on it is 2 colors of bulbs. This shit is driving me crazy.

    So here was my first thought: new ebay VIP motoz black headlight buckets with TRS LED, H1's, TRS LED 9005's, TRS LED 5202 fogs, the proper resistors and some 3157 switchback LED's for turn signals. Well at a total of close to or right at $700 I might as well find some switchback DRL's but no one produces them yet. "Supposedly" morimoto is considering it but no word yet.

    So here is what Id like to have. Because I am buying mirrors with the switchback LED bars in them Id like to have headlights with switchback DRL led tubes in them. Black housings, nothing to fancy. Pretty much a copy of a spyder (pt# 5083630) or recon (pt# 264271bkc) (both have horrible reviews of course) but with switchback and better quality bulbs that last longer than a year. Thats its. nothing more. Can it be done for under $1000 more so around the $800-$900 range preferably but I understand if its not possbile. Someone let me know if this is at all possible.

    Thanks in advance.

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    So does anyone have any suggestions on who or what to recommend?