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Plastic lense defluting

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  • Plastic lense defluting

    I need to find a retrofitter who will deflute a set of plastic lenses. I would also be open to having some vacuum formed.

    My fun car/daily driver is a 1988 thunderbird. The light output is completely inadequate and unsafe. No aftermarket clear lights are available, actually no replacement lights at all.

    I have a full mini h1 kit from TRS, but the lenses are above my ability. Ive already destroyed a few attempting to form and deflute.

    Depending on cost, I would also consider having a better set of projectors retrofitted.

    I’ve already contacted the professional retrofitters listed on this site, and none offer defluting.


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    Welcome to HID Planet!

    Unfortunately defluting is very time consuming. I haven't heard of a retrofitter that will do it, all have been DIY. If I were you, I'd post to a Facebook group called Headlight Junkies asking if anyone offers the service.

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      Hi Chris,

      I can offer that for a fair price. I can deflute them, and i can retrofit projectors.
      However i'm in europe. if you are willing to ship, i can do it for like 200$ with the retrofit, without projectors price included. I can deflute them for 100$, if you want to retrofit yourself|
      You can ping me at +359876500173