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wanted mini D2S projectors

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  • wanted mini D2S projectors

    im looking for a set of used or at least desent shape mini D2S projectors to use in a 97 dodge caravan headlights if you have a set you dont need or want please let me know of a desent price shipped to canada im looking for something affordable the lower the price the better if you have shroudes for them as well let me know a price will settle for MH1s but would like to use OEM D2S bulbs
    my vehicles

    2013 subaru impreza WRX STi new body style (some mods)
    04 subaru impreza WRX STi (project car)
    2013 ford F550 platnum dually (extreem mods CAT engine swap)

    my wifes car

    2012 subaru impreza limited sport (some mods)
    07 hyundai accent GLS (extreem mods)

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    pm sent


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      pm sent
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