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RHD Hella 3" E55 or EVOX-R

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  • RHD Hella 3" E55 or EVOX-R

    Hi all,

    Looking to replace halogen hella projectors with xenon H.I.D. ones. Would love if it was a drop in upgrade, I currently have some 3" FXR v3 projectors on order but obviously it'll be more hassle. I've done a few retrofits where I've put projectors into reflector housings but never converted a halogen to hid projector.

    If anyone has a set of these in good condition I'm all ears



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    I wouldn't bother converting a Halogen projector to an HID projector. You might as well either stick with the FX-R 3.0's that are on the way or get the EVoX-R's. Most people know by now that the FX-R 3.0's have a relatively narrow width but damn good throw distance and a beautiful cutoff. While newer versions have incorporated a more aggressive foreground limiter, it all comes down to whether you want width or distance vision. I myself haven't seen too many output shots of the Hella EvoX-R's so I have no I idea of their width but I do know they still have the tried and true high-beam from the E-55's.
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      When I say convert I mean swap-out, the EVOX-Rs would be a drop in replacement but they don;t come in RHD, so I wal looking for E55s or a RHD EVOX-R if anyone knew where I could get some