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WTB sunfire GT signal lights

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  • WTB sunfire GT signal lights

    i know this is a strange thing to look for since sunfires with the round signal lights are so common haha but all i can find is the ones with amber lenses none with the clear lenses and im wondering if any one out there has a set of them kicking around or on a scrap car or something

    this is exactly what im looking for


    not this version


    i can find the amber one pictured above no problem but i want to get the clear ones like in the first picture if you got a set please let me know
    my vehicles

    2013 subaru impreza WRX STi new body style (some mods)
    04 subaru impreza WRX STi (project car)
    2013 ford F550 platnum dually (extreem mods CAT engine swap)

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    2012 subaru impreza limited sport (some mods)
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    I only see clear ones daily, but they dont have the outer flutes. Just the smaller inner circle of flutes.

    Also are they glass?