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Morimoto moto control relay harness

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  • Wanted Morimoto moto control relay harness

    Hello all i need ergently a morimoto motocontrol H4 harness or the plug in module ASAP mine is having a mind of its own making it come on on its own ot stay on if the vehicle is off that type thing its become unreliable if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated
    my vehicles

    2013 subaru impreza WRX STi new body style (some mods)
    04 subaru impreza WRX STi (project car)
    2013 ford F550 platnum dually (extreem mods CAT engine swap)

    my wifes car

    2012 subaru impreza limited sport (some mods)
    07 hyundai accent GLS (extreem mods)