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BT-Auto X7-H7 Headlight LED bulbs

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  • BT-Auto X7-H7 Headlight LED bulbs

    Brand new set(s) of BT-Auto X7-H7 LED bulbs. These bulbs are pretty much the best if you want to replace your H7 halogen bulbs. These are not your run-of-the-mill cheap amazon bulbs that are useless on the road. If you don't know about BT-Auto, they are a very reputable LED bulb manufacturer. They don't put out fake lm or wattage specs.

    Already have a pair for myself and they perform amazingly well. Selling a few extra unneeded pairs as I had no choice to order mulitple directly from BT-Auto because no vendor had them in stock.

    Selling them at 60 USD each SHIPPED (from Canada to the US) which is what they cost me (w/ shipping). I am not making any profit. This is a BARGAIN as they retail at 120+ USD.

    Each pair will come sealed in its box.

    PM if you want a pair

    Below are links of some reviews/information.

    Actual specs from manufacturer:

    Graph of how the X7 compares to other LED bulbs at 14:31 (Not my video. Also note that he is reviewing another bulb in the video.):

    Video showing performance of X7 on street at 8:35

    Althought not the same exact same model, the G11 (aka CrystaLux G11) from BT-Auto was recommended by evo77, a very knowledgeable member. The G11 is an older version and has less wattage.

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