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    Hey Guys; I just purchased a set of Osram CBB in D4S from Lightwerkz and I'll be honest I'm not too happy with them.

    I bought these thinking that they're going to be very similar in output with my Philips Xtreme Gen 2 but with a cooler color temp.

    These only have 5 hours on them and hasn't fully broken in yet but as far as I know they don't get any brighter just cooler color temp.

    To my eyes they seem quite a decent amount less bright than my Xtreme Gen 2; almost like a standard 85122 but at a 6000k

    I'm asking $150 shipped to the lower 48 or if you're in New Jersey you can pick them up in person.

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    have any pictures?
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      Originally posted by xOperator View Post
      have any pictures?

      No problem. Iíll take some pictures of it when I get back home tonight


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          @TechnicalNonsense, do you have any pictures of the output? are you not sadfishfied with the output? i saw on YouTube lightwerkz that the output was almost as close to philips xtreme better then CBI and OEM standard lights.


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            The only reason to go with the CBB is for the blue-white color that provided - nothing beats them at this color temp range.

            Going from XV Gen 2 to CBB will be a downgrade in performance no matter how you slice it. The data with the photos and videos backs all that up.

            CBI and CBB in this test are very similar -

            In this direct test we see a 34% difference in low beam - 11% different in max high beam intensity.


            Once thing you can always down is shim the bulb down and expose more hotspot. Works well and can be the difference you want - should you prefer the color of these.
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