These two retros are from previous builds I've done myself. Both were on 2007 vehicles until last year. Both retros are color modded TSX clear lens projectors with Philips bulbs. The Civic retro has Hella ballast and the Camry retro has denso ballast. One of the Denso ballast does need to be replaced, but the bulb is still good. You'll need to provide your own harness as these ballast only have pigtails.

Please feel free to ask questions. Shipping is out of 98012

Civic: $400+shipping
Eagle eye blacked out aftermarket projector headlight
TSX clear lens projector
philips bulb
Hella ballast
Slightly foggy lense, no internal moisture

Camry: $400+Shipping
OEM JDM headlight housing
TSX clear lens projector
Philips bulbs
Denso ballast
Foggy upper housing, no internal moisture

I'm not on the boards as much anymore, but feel free to PM me or text me (Four Two Five) 679-907 Six