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TRS's Bi-xenon Mini Morimoto Stage III D2S on EXCURSION

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  • TRS's Bi-xenon Mini Morimoto Stage III D2S on EXCURSION

    After purchasing and installing an aftermarket complete HID projector headlight bolt on kit for my Excursion from Car ID, I was extremely disappointed with the beam quality from the projectors. The beam was all over the place and they were obviously terrible cheap quality, that was not brighter than stock headlights. So I decided to do some research and install the best projectors and bulbs I could find.
    After a little searching I found, The Retrofit Source, and decided on the Bi xenon Mini Stage III D2S with 55 ballasts. I retrofitted my 2002 Ford Excursion with these bad boys and it is amazing to realize what I was missing out on for so long. I can actually see the road now, with crisp clarity and with the projector wide open on High Beam it is a bit ridiculous how far and wide I can see. The cutoff is a beautiful thing. Good news is that I have not been flashed yet, and I have a 4" lift running 35's, so I sit up fairly high. Thank you to Matt and the team for putting out a superior product and having the best customer service to top it off.
    Now I see how many people out there are running HID bulbs in the Halogen housing illegally and I like to flash them to show them what an HID is really all about. image(5).jpgimage(4).jpg

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    Looks good!. Post some output shots!


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      Looks great! nice choice of shrouds, they seem to fit perfectly in those housings. Thanks for sharing man!

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        Looks really good
        Originally posted by nine44
        350 wit da wrist boy?


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          Agreed about the shrouds, that setup looks perfect on there!