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  • TRS and XTorch Light Bar

    In The Shop:
    In efforts to not get people in trouble I will not say when I came into the shop. But I recently came into the TRS shop, they are local to me and I have been just driving down for the last couple years when I needed things. They have moved a couple times and I follow. Hell, I was even coming into the TRS shop when Matt was wearing a t-shirt and sandals. Now up until the last couple of times I have not spoken with Matt when I come in, I don't ask for him (I'm not that kind of person who asks for the owner). But with Matt it was always top notch service, he would always open everything show me what I was getting he would even fire everything up to show me how it worked and everything. I understand the business has grown and he's a busy guy I'm sure. But the last couple times I have come into shop someone has walked down from upstairs and it has almost been like I am bothering you guys. I just got a feeling of why are you here or I don't have time for you. I asked if they had a light bar I wanted to see one. So they go in the back and come out plop it on the glass counter top and say here ya go. I asked them if I could see it lit up and it was almost like I was such a bother to want to actually see a product working. Overall not happy, last time was probably the last time I walk in. Maybe I am the only one who physically comes in the shop to buy stuff who knows.

    The XTorch Light Bar:
    I have purchased two cheap lights bars (which I have put on two family members Tacoma's) from Amazon and one from TRS. So this I all I have to compare.
    First the build quality, It was okay. Two of the mounting holes were not threaded so I had to tap them. But other than that this thing should be able to take a beating for a long time. Everything was sealed up and painted where it should be painted. No bare metal spots or paint runs. I would put this light bar in the above average category, better than eBay. If the Xtorch had better optics it would be the "goto" bar for me. The spot in the middle did not seem like a true spot beam to me. I do also like the fact that it doesn't look like every other light bar out there.
    I do love the style of mounting brackets that they use. One hole for the main mounting point and the other to tilt the bar which I loved for aiming the bar up and down.
    The other thing I would like to pick out here is (and this bothers me but won't bother the wife, its her car I put it on) that the left and right sides of the bar have different leds in them. They must have been from a different batch of leds because it can clearly be seen that one side has a cooler white led than the other.
    For what it is being used for it is a decent product. I mainly wanted to buy it because I know if I EVER have any problems with it TRS will take care of it. That is one thing that they do very good is warranty their Morimoto brand.
    Will I buy another one, maybe. For the price, the Amazon bars that I have purchased seem to have a better spot light optic which I what you really need for a high beam, like I am using it for.

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    I understand what you're saying about the guys not being present in the shop when you get there. When I went a few months ago there were no people in the shop, and it took a little while for someone to finally come storming down the stairs to help me.

    When I asked for the projectors we went back and kinda plopped them down and rung them up for me. It was kinda awkward at first, but I eventually warmed him up to talking to me, and he showed me around the showroom and everything. Nice guy. When I ended up being done and started out the door he ran back upstairs as if he missed something really important.

    Overall it was nice, but I feel like I didn't belong.


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      Totally sucks about the service. Maybe it was an off day or something for the guy that helped u? I dunno.

      Usually the guys are super nice and patient whenever I call in. And if it's Matt, forget about it, he'll treat you like family.


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        Don't get me wrong, he was nice. Something just felt weird about it. Lol


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          Maybe he was snapping one off and you interrupted him?

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