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EP27 Flasher w/ LEDs

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  • EP27 Flasher w/ LEDs

    I've been using LEDs in my trucks for years- and I've always used an aftermarket LED flasher to avoid hyperflash. Years ago I bought one from VLEDS if I remember correctly. It was a generic looking one like this.

    These worked at a stock-like rate of on/off like the original ones, but the problem was I went through 2 in a matter of a few years because they failed.

    I bought an aftermarket "LED compatible" one at autozone or one of the local parts stores, and although it does not hyperflash with the LEDs it is slightly faster than stock and that bothers me. This has nothing to do with the current draw from the LEDS- it's just faster. I've tested it with more load and that does not make a difference.

    Does anyone know of a slower flasher that's not garbage? I would love to find one I can adjust.