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Koito vs Morimoto led ?

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  • Koito vs Morimoto led ?

    Am I crazy, why can't I find a comparison between the two. They seem to be the top two led setups.

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      Originally posted by Lightwerkz Global Inc. View Post
      Is that Koito modified in any way? In my testing, lens spacing negatively affects the hotspot. It can be as much as 100 lux loss in output.

      I know the MLED is pretty damn intense in the hotspot but this image makes it seem like the Koito is completely void of one. LOL


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        Wow that is a lot of pictures for comparisons. Good job on the documentation. I'm guessing the Morimoto is stock without the chip switched? Basically I want a Bi-LED with the black friday saving deals.Looking into Osram too.


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          Darn good work!


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            Vision Auto's comparison was very favorable towards the Koito

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              Originally posted by Haloruler64 View Post
              Vision Auto's comparison was very favorable towards the Koito
              Where can I find that comparison?