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  • Projector reference page

    Anybody wanna help me add to this thread and make it a HID projector reference page? I know the FAQ already has one, but it is kinda out of date.

    All I ask is to put up only decent pics. No blurry, underexposed, or overexposed pics. Any info about a projector is welcomed. Close up pics, cutoff pics, output pics, comparison pics, how to mount pics, etc.

    I'll start...

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    Don't forget to give details dimensions if possible. If this thread gets enough true info and specs, then I'll make it a sticky. we'll see how it goes. I have some E55 and S2K pics that I'll load in tomorrow and add to the list.


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      FYI those Hellas in that last post are DOT projectors (like S2000's).

      E-class bi-xenon projectors (bi-xenon is available on all current E-class models, not just the E55, so E-class is a more correct term), I think the current BMW 7-series uses the same projectors but I'm not for sure on that:

      I'm not sure of the exact dimensions but I know the lens is 3" and the front-rear dimension matches Integra projectors almost exactly. =D>


      Xenon+halogen highbeams:
      1994 BG-33P Paradise Blue Integra GS-R
      Full 98+ conversion
      E-class bi-xenon projectors


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        *Fixed it for ya Tiguy! \/ *-haknslash

        HElla Single Xenon ECE

        I've got ECE Bosch but I need to find my digigam. Its missing. I'll keep you guys posted. The beam pattern is like the E46 unit above but sharper, a little clearer and very colorful.


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          Alright I have a few pics... all the projectors are dot, I believe except maybe the valeo:

          Single xenon audi a6:

          Bosch bi xenon e46:

          Hella bi xenon e55:


          Ballasts and ignitors:
          Maxima and g35 ballast ignitors (matsushita):

          Hella gen 4 ballasts and ignitors:

          For those who were wondering about a better bulb holder for their e55 I realized that hella gen 4 ignitors twist on better than the holder for an e46! I searched long for that answer, lol.
          There is my contribution
          2002 WRX - Porsche bixenon/ 55w/ 85122+
          First - 2003 R6 Retro - Bosch bixenon/ 35w/ 85122+


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            TSX PROJECTORS

            The Millenia's PICS... Check 'em out

            My CarDomain Page


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                Valeo clear lens DOT
                Single Xenon

                - Clear
                - 2.5" dia.
                - 1" height

                - 4" x 3.5"
                - 6" height

                wall about 15' away
                Philips 85122 4100K


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                  Valeo D1S Xenon

                  Putting on a color show.


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                    E39 Xenon Projector

                    Putting on a color show.


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                      Lancer Evo8, Huge Clear Lens, Colors all the way on the cutoff artyman:

                      EVO8 vs. E46 Bixenon vs. DOT Valeo


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                        Not that there's anything wrong with owning projectors, but why do people own several sets at any one time?


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                          I would say either Profit, or addiction...


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                            Hi, my name is Hak and i'm a HID addict. :butthead:


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                              Originally posted by NEON_2NR
                              I would say either Profit, or addiction...
                              Wow, there's actually enough profit in reselling projectors to make it worthwhile to spend all that time?