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Hylux 2A88 Canbus vs Hylux A2088 Fast Start

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  • Hylux 2A88 Canbus vs Hylux A2088 Fast Start


    Here is the difference between 35w Hylux 2A88 Canbus ballasts (left) and 35w Hylux A2088 Fast Start (right). Tests carried out with CNLight 4300k bulbs + Morimoto harness on Ford Fiesta MK7.5 (2013).

    Note: The video was shot in daylight, good weather, and on a white wall, so you cannot see the light on the wall for the first few seconds. At night, the light is instantly visible. In addition, the video was shot with the bulbs cold, which explains the long time for the CANBUS model to obtain the right color. The video was unfortunately cut a bit too early, which is why you don't see the CANBUS model reaching 4300k.
    If you have any questions do not hesitate.

    Have a good day.

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    On a car that doesn't have canbus would both ballasts give the same results as in your test?
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      My vehicle does not need a canbus system so the results will be the same. I also contacted and sent this video to Hylux to find out if the difference was normal and they told me that yes, the A2088 fast start is more powerful than the 2A88 canbus.

      Be careful though with the 2A88, on Ford Europe models the pulsed electric current requires additional capacitors (available on Aliexpress for around $ 6) if you are not using a harness. The capacitors built into the ballast do not seem to be sufficient (this is a known problem among European Ford owners).

      I have the A2088 quick start installed on my Ford Fiesta but even with a harness directly connected to the battery I had to add capacitors as the right side ballast would sometimes go out. Since then, no more worries.