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2009 Honda civic coupe MH1 Retrofit

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  • 2009 Honda civic coupe MH1 Retrofit

    This will be a step by step on retrofiting the lights for the 2009 Honda civic coupe.
    Bi-Xenon Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 Retrofit

    All parts used are from TRS,
    You can either purchase the full Bi-Xenon Morimoto mini H1 6.0 stage III kit from or buy parts separate.
    Parts List:
    Bi-Xenon Morimoto mini H1 6.0 with shroud of your choice
    Morimoto 3Five DSP Ballasts
    H1: Morimoto 3Five Bulbs and choose color of your choice
    If you would like you can purchase a 9006 Relay harness, I didnt get it at the time. Also you can purchase the 9005/9006 High beam splitters. What the splitters do is split your high beam connection, I didn't install those yet.
    Tools Needed:
    Philips screw driver
    Flat head screw driver
    Star screwdriver
    10mm socket with 2 extenders
    Dremel tool- Its a must have tool. $50 at Lowes and you can return it after you're done.
    Always test the projector selenoid, bulbs and ballasts before starting!
    I am not responsible for any accidental damage done to your headlights. Once cutting with the dremmel, there's no going back to halogen bulbs.

    And we begin:
    First you need to remove the headlights. Open the hood and there is a black plastic covering the radiator. There are 4 plastic clips holding it in.

    Pop those off and remove the plastic, set it to the side so it won't be in the way.
    Now, remove the bumper. There is 1 philips screw on each side by the tire which you have to remove.

    On the bottom there are about 6 plastic clips holding the bottom piece to the frame. Remove those as well.

    Now in the front up by the radiator there are 2 "octagon screws" holding the bumper in.

    Remove those as well. Place all the screws and clips somewhere where you dont loose them. I had a little cat playing around me and took 2 of them somewhere playing.

    Next you need someone to help you. Grab the bumper on side and carefully pull out on both sides. When it snapped out, pull the bumper off and set it somewhere safe where it wont get scratched.
    Next you have to remove the headlights. There are 6 10mm bolts holding it.4 are easy to access, 5th will require the extension for your socket. Also theres one from the bottom holding the lights to the metal bracket, I found its easier to remove the bolt first, take the metal bracket out then the headlight.

    Pull the headlight off, then twist the bulbs out. Do the same for the other side.
    Remove the rubber bushings from around where the bulb goes in. Also on the low beam, remove the screws holding the plastic piece that locks the bulb in.

    There are 4 tiny screws around the headlight that will require a star screwdriver. Remove them.

    Preheat the oven at 265 degreees F. Once its preheated, set a cookie plate on it then the headlight on it. Close the oven and put a timer to 7 minutes. Go and prep the other headlight to be cooked. You can also mount the ballast and get that ready. Find a good spot for the ballast away from water and other debree.

    Use gloves for the next step, headlights are hot!!! Also watch for any metal parts, dont touch them!! After 8 minutes, take 1 headlight out and insert the other one in oven and set timer for 7 minutes.
    Slowly start prying the lens apart from the back of the headlight. There are a few snaps that you have to move so it pries off. Work your way around until the lens is off. If there's any glue on the chrome you can clean it off with rubbing alcohol.
    Once its off, set the lens on a towel so it wont scratch.
    Remove the reflector by unbending the 2 small bent piece in the back of it and it will loosen out. Don't throw it away.
    Now your'e gonna have to use the dremmel to cut some of plastic from the housing so that the lock nut will have enough threads. Put some painters tape over the 2 holes on the headlight where the projector will go and wires. Have a vacuum that can blow the dust, or air compressor and keep checking. Make small cuts, stop and check.

    Make sure you wear safety glasses and some sort of face-mask, dustmask cause dust flies everywhere and there could also be plastic chunks flying in your eye. Be safe!
    Carefully start cutting all the way untill you almost reach the lens.

    If you look close there is a line inside the hole that the projector slides through. I cut mine up to there.

    Screw the shroud to the projector with the 4 tiny screws included in the plastic bag with projectors.

    Be careful of how much you fiddle with the chrome shroud as it can wipe off rather easy. Also watch your lens so theres no debree in there. If theres some big particles, you can use cotton swab and go through the side of the projector to clean it.
    Test the high beam by using a 9v battery and hooking up the red and black leads coming from the projector, repeat it about 50 times.
    Put the small silicone washer on the projector.

    Insert the wires through the hole where the reflector was then slide the projector through the bigger hole.

    On the back, put the lock nut on and start twisting it. Use a 27mm socket to tighten it, not too tight, just tight so it requires little force to rotate. Dont use pliers or channel locks, this is aluminum and it will bend out of shape. Socket cost like $4.

    Put the bulb holder in, with 3 small screws. Also there's the other wire piece that holds the bulb in tight, have it handy.

    Insert the bulb in the projector, it fits one way only, can't mess this up. Put the wire piece through the 2 holes and hook it so the bulb sits snug.

    Put the headlights back on the car, plug everything in, bulbs to ballast, ballast to OEM plug. Put like 2 bolts to hold the headlight temporarily, one on top and one on side.

    Park in front of a garage on a flat surface and adjust the horizontal adjustment on the projectors. You could also drive small distance to where there's a wall and flat surface. Rotate the projectors to your liking until they're leveled.
    After you're done, take the lights off, tighten the projector tighter. Go back on the car, put them on and test again. If you like it, you're ready to seal them back up! Remove the bulb!!!
    Preheat the oven to 265, when ready put the lights back in on the cookie plate. Set timer to 6 minutes. Put the headlight in and wait. After its done, take headlight off, put the other one in. Start pushing the 2 parts together, lens to the back making sure it snaps in. If you like you can add some more of the sealing glue which as well you can purchase from TRS.
    Install the rubber seal back on the headlight around the high beam and low beam section, pull the 2 wires through it. Plug the High beam bulb back in, turn signal. Install the new HID bulb in the projector. Its easier if you plug the bulb in first and install the headlight after. Make sure you use the 2 cleaning wipes in the bulb box to wipe the bulbs before inserting them in the headlight.
    Also in the little plastic bag that was in the projector box there are 2 rubber pieces and black 9006 plug. Thats for your high beam wires coming from the projector. Put the rubber pieces over the wire then insert it in the black connector. Should feel a snap. Make sure you get the right polarity.
    To install the headlight, insert the headlight in without the metal bracket that holds the bumper. Put the top 2 bolts first, on the top then insert the bracket in and tighten the bolt holding it from the bottom to the bracket. Then you can follow with the rest of the bolts to secure the headlight. Have someone help you install the bumper back on. Adjust the bumper then snap the 2 sides on first. Now tighten the 2 "Octagon shaped" screws, followed by the 2 philips head screws by the tires. Then you can put all the plastic clips back on, the radiator cover and don't forget to close the hood!
    Lastly, grab the TRS sticker and stick to your window, it looks good!

    Hopefully by the time you're done its dark so you can go enjoy the lights for a bit! Oh also don't forget the vertical adjustment. I had to drive around to find a good spot flat and big wall in front. Some warehouses in the area How I did it, make sure the cutout line from lights is below other small cars mirror at about 25ft-30ft distance. And to adjust, if you look behind the headlight there's a weird looking bold screwed into the headlight with teeth. You're gonna have to pull out the small white tank on the driver side. You'll need a long screwdriver and there's holes on the car frame.

    Also on the black radiator cover it shows which way is which. Mine was clockwise to raise, counterclockwise to lower.
    Final pictures!!!

    My TRS experience
    This is my second time purchasing parts from TRS. First was my 2008 CRV, got a mini H1 kit for it and now the civic. They are great company to deal with. Costumer service top notch. Actually, 2 weeks ago, my H4 relay harness went bad. Got a replacement in 3 days under warranty. You cant go bad if you choose them. Yes it may be expensive, I get that alot when I recommend them to my friends. But I always tell them, you get what you pay for.
    Now, going to review the parts I received. First of all, thumbs up for the shipping you provide. All I can say is 2-3 days and its at my door. I ordered all my parts at different times. All the packages were protected properly, plenty of that fuzzy stuff in the box. The boxes the parts are in individually look very nice as you see in the first picture. Everything feels professionally packed. They included stickers in all my orders, which they look great, give good, professional look. Proud to have it on my window so anybody can see. The projectors felt really nice, great quality, no plasticky feel. Shrouds were good too, I managed to keep all the chrome on haha. Last time I didn't know and it wiped off. But that's ok since Im going to swap them with bigger shrouds. The lock nut is really nice on how you can use a socket to tighten in. Again, my mistake last time i used pliers and it bent. This time, They are perfect! Can easily take them out if I really need to, which I dont. What else... The bulbs come with alcohol wipe, which is good to clean before putting them on. Ballasts feel like $110 ballasts, great quality. The projectors are pretty much day-night difference, the 4300k bulbs are great! they have hint of blue and much more yellow light. Defently going to change the CRV from 5000k to 4300K bulbs.Bottom line, this company has the best lighting upgrade for any car, minivan, truck, motorcycle. I wish more people knew about them and the top notch quality products they have. You won't regret buying from them. Thank you TRS

    Future projects:
    Install a 9006 relay harness, safer for the car wiring. Also on the CRV I installed the mini gatling shrouds, which look like eye balls lol. Got the gatling 2.0 so gonna swap those out eventually.
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    Great job! Nice to see another 8thGen!
    2010 Civic Si


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      Are you using the bi-xenon function of the MH1s? Halogen + HID high beam?

      Are you keeping the DRLs on?


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        I have not activated the bixenon yet. Need to order the high beam splitter. But I'm planning on disabling the halogen high beam. Oem drl's were disabled by unplugging the fuse. I do have COB LED's for my daytime running lights, on their own circuit with relay. They come on when key is turned to ON.


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          Nice write up, thanks for taking the time. + rep


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            nice instruction. cool install


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              Very thorough! should be good for any mini h1 user to follow


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                Nice write up.
                I tried to do a write up when I did mine in my em1 but only took like 2 pics. haha


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                  I've been toying with the idea of a retro on my 08 sedan. This detailed write up helped make my decision. Thanks from a newbie!
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                    Glad I was able to help. Have any questions feel free to ask!


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                      I know I'm bumping an old thread here but I really wanted to keep track of this one because I hope to be doing the same retro on my Civic soon and this is a wonderful write up on the process.