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How to: gen 6.5 2010-2011 camry Rx350 swap

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    Of course. They are also on TRS's site.

    AFS Version:

    Non-Afs Version:
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    2012 Camry SE RX-350/STI-R Build Thread


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      Keep in mind that apparently they AFS and non versions may come with different type shields therefore different type of outputs and may tune differently. We are actually discussing it in another thread.


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        Still no output shots of the RX 350 low beams?


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          Great, thanks!

          Can't imagine how I managed not to find those pictures...

          OEM halogen reflector headlights | Osram Rallye H7 65W low beams | Philips Vision H1 55W high beams | Pre-facelift orange indicators

          Retrofits in progress: MDX LED retrofit | RX350/EvoX-R quad w/'moto HD relay, Mitsubishi gen4 ballasts and selectable quad wiring (needs lots of fixing)

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            This is my 2011 Camry with Rx350 low beams. They have Sti-r clear lens xb35 ballast and xb 5500k d2s bulbs. Also have xb led fog lights installed. The cutoff pic with the green fence is about 75' away
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              Looks good but they look like the EU slope which is huge compared to the U.S. one


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                Thanks. Yeah these are EU


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                  Originally posted by jonathan_nguyen1 View Post
                  Hey guys I am still kind of new to retrofitting, however the challenge, skills, and creativity involved with retrofits has spiked my interests to take on more projects. This is just a simple write up on an h11 black projector swap to the Rx350 low beam projectors. The projectors were purchased at, and all TRS parts can be found on

                  2x Rx350 low beam projectors (TRS)
                  2x Sti-R clear lens (TRS)
                  1x bag of #6 washers found at local hardware store
                  2x Morimoto xb35 5000k d2s (TRS)
                  2x Matsushita ballasts

                  How To:
                  A. Exposing the projector
                  1. Follow normal baking procedures: a. Bake open headlights at 250 degrees F, for 12 minutes, test to see if you can open it if not bake at 1 minute increments and test after each minute.
                  2. Disassemble the stock shroud from the front lense to expose the h11 projectors
                  3. Simply unbolt the stock projector and set those aside
                  (I disassembled the projector housing and already removed the stock projector for comparison shots)

                  B. Projector install
                  There have been many different variations on how to install and tune these Rx350 projectors, and personally I think everyone has their own taste and preference in regards to width, depth, and color. For my retrofit, I went with the paper shroud in between the lens and the metal holder, and then I put two #6 washers on the two bottom lens holder legs

                  (getting things ready for the Rx350 projector tuning)

                  (4 mounting points for the projectors)

                  (projector comparison Rx350 left side/ h11 black projector right side, as you can see it is a direct swap)

                  4. Simply bolt the Rx350 projectors into the same mounting points, and then pat yourself on the back for installing one of the best upgrades you will ever do to your vehicle

                  After you have installed both projectors you should test fire them and see if they are aligned properly (which I believe they should be since its pretty much a PnP). But I just mounted the assemble back in the vehicle and used my garage wall to make sure there were no rotational issues and the cutoff lines matched.

                  C. Reassemble
                  (assembled the other side first while the other side was baking, but other wise final)

                  5. Assemble back all of your pieces (stock shroud and lense)
                  6. Try to get the front lens cover to align back in the grooves of the headlights
                  7. Bake the headlight assembly at the same temperature 250 degrees until the glue has softened again and attempt to press the lens into the grooves so the clips will retain back in their original place
                  8. Remove from oven let cool and bolt the screws holding the lens to the housing
                  9. Bolt back into the car and install your new bulbs and ballasts/ ballast conversion for d2s
                  10. Make any minor height adjustments and enjoy your new retrofit
                  Hi I have a gen 6.5, and I have a couple of questions
                  They dont sell the low beam anymore. Can I use the Bi xenon?
                  I dont get at all about the paper shroud and #6 washers- Do I have to do this or can i just install them
                  Ballast conversion? Cant I just switch to DS2 bulbs?
                  How can I adjust the height?


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                    does anyone know if aftermarket tyco or depo lights use the same projector bolt pattern?