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How to rebase an OEM D2S HID bulb to fit the H series?

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  • How to rebase an OEM D2S HID bulb to fit the H series?

    Hello guys,

    I bought a cheap D2S hid bulb in order to practice. I removed the small metals which stabilize the capsule then I put the capsule aside, then I grab a regular H7 hid bulb, broke the capsule, cleaned its base. I got the capsule in the position (the H7 base), I solid the wiring, and the bulb was working but as expected some problems occurred. the first problem it was so hard to make the capsule fit in the chamber accurately %100 (the H7 base). The second problem was the adhesive didn't stand a chance against the heat produced by the bulb itself so the capsule came out of its place as soon as the heat was released.

    Do you know guys what kind of adhesive should I use?

    I need your help guys if there is any previous topic that has talked about this tell me, please. any small bit of info will help a lot.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys, I really appreciate your time and thanks a lot.

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    For automotive low beams, rebasing a D2S bulb into H7 or other halogen bases will not get you the proper light output because the glow of the HID arc will not exactly match the halogen filament's glow. If you're set on getting rebased HID anyway in spite of that, then getting aftermarket HID that is already rebased will be the best way to go. Whatever theoretical gain you hope to get from rebasing a very good HID capsule will be more than offset by the mounting challenge you described and the issue I mentioned first thing earlier.
    Afaik, HID capsules aren't glued to the base.
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