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  • Test Bench?


    What products are you guys using for your test bench? Like squares, levels and lasers and such?

    Also, I remember a thread on here from a few years back outlining how to build a power source to power the headlights and projectors for testing on the bench but cannot seem to find it, does anyone with a better memory than me have a link?

    Thanks! Hoping to be churning out some serious retrofits shortly.

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    I didn't use any tools to adjust or align my two retrofit projects, mainly just watched videos and sought out advice from people who've done it before.

    For the power supply, I bought a used Radio Shack from eBay with a fixed output of 13.8V @ 25A. It was cheaper than an adjustable lab bench supply, which typically doesn't have the appropriate current output.

    I also built two cables to use with the power supply and relay. The main cable has two 9006/9005 output connectors with an inline fuse and switch for each output. This way, both the LB and HB can be tested at the same time. The other cable is just a simple one that is used to power the relay pack.