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  • Fix Broken Tabs?

    How is everyone fixing broken tabs on headlamps? I received some headlamps a few days ago and they had one broken tab each. The seller indicated he packed them well and that I must have done something to them. I am looking to repair them, but want the repair to last as it is going on an off road rig and vibrations and such are expected.

    I have googled a bit and found epoxy and bond and even plastic welding, but not sure which would be the best or how easy either would be.

    Each headlamp has one of the top tabs that are up top broken, so it still has a good one left.

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    I was going to suggest plastic welding, and then epoxy on top


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      f. I looked into this. From what I saw you take a soldering iron and weld the seams a bit and then reinforce with like some metal wire and then kind of weld that into place and then cover with epoxy? Would this be a lasting fix? I had planned to drop about $800 in retrofit parts into the housing so I was kind of bummed to receive them in that kind of condition, so I want to make sure they are fixed for sure and won't cause any issues.


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        Are there unused screw holes around the broken tabs? There might be a repair kit available for those headlights if they do.

        Example from ebay (for a VW)
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          I don't have the ability to host an image, but it does not appear to be that way. The tabs are on the top of the headlamp. One broken headlamp has the thicker support tab broken, and the other headlamp has the trim tab broken. The support tab seems to be an easier fix with gluing and plastic welding, were as the trim one was a break just as it bends, so thats going to be tougher.

          I looked for a tab repair kit for the Tacoma, and oddly enough there is not one....


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            Use imgur to host your images and post the BBCode/Forum links in here