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Morimoto 4TL-R on 2015 Sienna SE Installation with Photos

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  • Morimoto 4TL-R on 2015 Sienna SE Installation with Photos

    So I picked up a set of Morimoto 4TL-R projectors over the July 4th holiday for my 2015 Sienna retrofit. Iíve planned this retrofit since I bought the car new in January 2015, even have a pair of modded Avalonís and modded 4TL OEMs but based on the reviews of the 4TL-R, I decided to go the Morimoto 4TL-R route.

    I did some research and looks like the foreground light on these is brighter than it should be so I designed some foreground limiters in AutoCAD before I started.

    Cut the first copy out of 0.020 aluminum and test fitted

    Added a vent slit and painted it BBQ black and tested on car

    I ended up making the FGL much more aggressive since the above shield only stopped at the end of my bumper when sitting in the car.
    New aggressive FGL. Also made the vent on top wider and bigger.

    So opening the headlight, I followed TRSMatt YouTube video and baked at 270F for 7 minutes. Came apart like nothing. Removed all the screws, rubber caps, and other stuff before baking. Also unplugged the LED DRL wire from the control board under the bottom cap before so it wouldnít get caught during opening. I left the cap on while baking to protect the inside wiring. The DRL plug hangs loose so I taped with aluminum duct tape to add some protection.

    The Morimoto 4TL-R (left) next to the OEM halogen projector.

    Eventhough these are supposed to be replica, they are nothing like the OEM 4TL, just the same holes. In order to fit them into the OEM mounts, you need to trip several areas to clear the new Morimotos. I started by trimming the three obvious spots in the green circles. The two sides are the OEM lens holder alignment holes.

    After trimming and test fitting, found that the Bi-xenon wire plug interferes so I had to cut a corner out of the spot circled below, I forgot to take the after picture.

    The new Morimoto 4TL-R with spacer nuts and washers since the holes are not as thick as the OEM bowl+lens holder. I needed to add two #6 washers on the back side of the projector to rest against the housing mount, see green circles.

    New Morimoto 4TL-R mounted in housing.

    Output before reassembly of car and housing lens. My Morimoto XB LED fogs end up filling most of that blocked foreground. The blocked foreground is about the length of a car. Overall distance is great and that step cutoff is awesome.
    Haven't gotten a chance to take reassembled or other shots. Will add to post when I find a nice wall for output shots.

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    u got ghost infront of your car! haha nice FG limiter btw


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      ^lol. Nice job on the FGL. I went that route with a vent at the top when doing a TL-R retro, but didn't make any 3D/2D CAD. Larger pics!


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        Originally posted by 16cx-5 View Post
        ^lol. Nice job on the FGL. I went that route with a vent at the top when doing a TL-R retro, but didn't make any 3D/2D CAD. Larger pics!
        How do I make imaging bigger? Tried HTML attributes but don't see how. These are source to my FlickR account.


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          If you have the direct image link (like http:// ____URL.[filetype]), you can click this guy:


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            Nice build with the custom fabricated parts! That foreground... shape... isn't for me, and I wouldn't think that limiters would be needed on a van with higher headlights, but whatever works!