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  • ES300 Fog Retro

    I figured I would make a seperate thread on this as another example It's on my 03 Stratus R/T, so it's probably one of the few ever done as well. I started making the bezel for the finished one, to see how I like it. I used some aluminum flashing to making the bezel, and after many failed attempts I finally got a single piece to fit. I had a pile of aluminum shards all over before I realized I should make the template out of paper first . Once I got that fitting how I liked it I got a little body filler and put that around the edges and around the projector so it looked like a clean uniform fit. Any thoughts/suggestions?

    The es300 projector on top to show you the size comparison

    Test fitted after I trimmed out the back

    You can see how pitted the lenses are in this pic

    JB welded everything in

    First stage of the lens restoration project (600 grit)

    Second Stage (1000 grit)

    Third Stage (1500 grit)

    Fourth Stage (3000 grit)

    Final Stage (PlastX)

    After making the bezel and using the body filler.

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    Nice fogs


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      Workin out of a dorm? That's dedication. You must not have a roommate.

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        Looks nice. I can't wait to get started on my new ES retro.

        GL with the aluminum bezels.

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          Thanks guys!
          Originally posted by JL-KA View Post
          Workin out of a dorm? That's dedication. You must not have a roommate.
          Indeed, haha. I do have a roommate He's one of my best friends actually so he just puts up with it, lol.


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            Did some sanding and painting tonight. I think they are starting to look pretty clean imo!

            sorry for the crappy pics :/


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              Looken good so far im looking forword to seeing the finished product
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                Hay did you ever seal those baby's up?!


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                  I love a nice ES300 retro!
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                    Es300 looks good, and the output is really clear with osram bubls


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                      Any size demensions?
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