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Honda Fit (EX 2007) Retrofit

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  • Honda Fit (EX 2007) Retrofit

    Hello guys!
    So I've been working on my retrofit for some time now, had a few hickups but now it is almost done.
    Sorry for no posting along the process but time is always short (and developing a thread is no 2 minutes task)...

    But this week everything comes to an end and I would like to share the process with you.

    1. So first things first. When the kit arrived, as kid in christmas I assembled the projector and ran downstairs to see it working.
    Everything looked awesome!

    2. On thing that got me worried was when I fired up both projectors at the same time and I noticed a difference in output. My first guess was bulb alignment so I took a shot in slightly "bending" the bulb mount (CBIs).
    Granted: hotspot seemed to improve but overall output was still dimmer than the other.
    Because of this hotspot issue (and being pretty sure CBIs wouldn't come with such primary flaw), I started investigating the projector.

    3. So I finally found out that I was unfortunate enough to receive one faulty FX-R unit with two main problems:
    a.The tiny mount that supports the bulb was "over machined" thus making the whole bulb out of alignment.
    b.The chrome inside was faulty, making the light output defective.
    As expected, a single contact with awesome TRS crew solved the problem and they sent me a new reflector bowl. So despite the little delay, everything turned out great.

    4. ALLRIGHT! Time to get dirty.
    Dinning room table officially confiscated.
    Toolbox, tapes, tools, paints, etc, etc.
    If you are doing your first project, here are some tips:
    ALWAYS have more material than you need: Tape, paint, screws, bolts, tools.... You never know when things deviate from the original plan.
    Also, PATIENCE. Never rush, never panic, never force anything to do what's not supposed to do. Even if you loose a day or two in the process.

    5. Now this is absolutely a must. You simply cannot complete a project like this without such tool.

    6. It is also a good idea to lay everything out and check if nothing is missing or if you'll need additional work on something.

    7. So I started by removing the clamps from the back of the projectors so that it wouldn't get stuck all the time and to avoid damaging the shape of the wires.

    8. Also, for protection I decided to remove the lenses. just go gently prying the pushed-down section and eventually it will come off nice and easy. Before storing it, a nice rub with a microfiber with alcohol. I recommend sealing the open hole with tape to avoid dirt and damage to the inner parts.

    9. Next step is to measure the width of the back side of the projectors and draw what must be cut in order for it to fit comfortably.

    10. Hole big enough to recieve the bulb end of the projector.

    11. Now if there is one thing that MUST be on your mind ALL THE FRIGGIN' TIME is ALIGNMENT. It is NOT EASY.
    I placed some tape right on the center mark that already existed. Your bowls will be differente but you can find these lines forming either a perfect vertical or a perfect horizontal to guide yourself by.

    12. Lines on the reflector bowl must align with something, right!? That is the absolute center of your projector!

    13. I decided to go for the "long screw" method. These screws took quite an effort to screw through the existing holes. Good thing is that they are rock solid in place!

    14. I placed some ink drops on the tips of the screws and carefully touched them against the bowl to mark the holes.

    15. After drilling, I "expanded" the holes sideways in order to allow for some rotation adjustments.

    16. After A LOT of trial and error and slowly (SLOWLY!) cutting away the shroud, for the second piece this is the line I had to cut in order to make it fit.

    17. testing shroud position with the ring.

    18. After everything nicely trimmed and cleaned, this is the result.

    19. Making sure all the internals are free of dust and smudges.

    20. Fixing the LED strip in place. A tiny hole was necessary to run the wires.

    21. Painting the bowl in matte black to improve aesthetics. You can see the shape of the holes that allow for rotation.

    22. Starting the final assembly.

    23. With the shrouds on, intermediate section (we call it "mask"), and the LED in place.

    24. Ten minutes in the oven, low temperature, a lot of pressing and the whole thing comes together.

    25. Testing the DRL system before taking apart the front bumper.

    So that's where I've come so far.
    Tonight I'll take apart the front bumper, install both headlights and do the final alignment.
    More pics coming soon!!

    Best regards to all!
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    Here we go for the finale.

    1. I won't get technical on wiring or how to remove your bumper for each car has different processes for doing that.
    Just cover it for the Honda Fit: To remove the front bumper all you have to do is snap off four round plastic clamps on the top part (inside the engine compartment), than remove more of those clamps underneath (can't remember if 4 or 6) and a pair of screws right beside the wheels, inside the wheel area, at the tip of the bumper. That's it!

    2. After the previous headlights removed (Yes, I worked on a new pair apart from what was running in the car), It is a good idea to identify all the wires and which connections will be necessary. Then I proceeded positioning the reactors. It is a good idea to keep it somewhere accessible if it needs replacement or anything.

    3. (Sorry for the bad pic). So after all wiring done, final positioning of the headlights and front bumper going back to position.

    4. Between the headlights and the bumper, it is a good idea to do an alignment check.
    I know, this is totally off and I fix it afterwards! :-)

    5. So all pieces in place, this is what it looks like.

    6. So after tweaking the alignment this is what I ended up with. Sorry I couldn't find a nice flat suface to project on. I'll keep searching!
    Let me know what you think!

    I hope you enjoyed it!
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      Thanks for the write up, looks awesome. And great job figuring out about the defective projector, I wouldn't have figured that out.


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        NIce retros!: ) What ballast and bulbs are you using?


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          Originally posted by mauricetan View Post
          NIce retros!: ) What ballast and bulbs are you using?
          Morimotos 3Five SS + OSRAM CBIs (Awesome!)