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2nd retro/re-doing kia sorento sx

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  • 2nd retro/re-doing kia sorento sx

    hi guys.. just opening my oem headlight, i did dremel outside, it seems they are harder than perma seal.. almost epoxy.. thats why my first retro was a replica from TYC.. still perma seal type but doable.. anyway here are some pics
    and i will be asking for some suggestions later

    so again this is how my headlight look oem

    then first retro

    some extras not being used yet lol e-46 al fx-r v1.1 rdx projector MH1
    and 6 pairs of shrouds, e46r and extended, bullet, apollo ccfl and newer umnitza predator orion v4 (to replace my v2 halos)

    now i opened... took a while
    dremeling using a disc

    all security torque screws inside

    3 inch.- h11 projector

    i used 75w hid before no damage inside

    a little damage outside

    sample for headlight height

    cleaned-up the dremeled plastic for now
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    2nd retro plan -kia sorento sx (suggestions needed)

    1. my plans for the second retro
    quad rx350 bi-xenon or

    infinity q45 high beam position (mainly as drl)-- just for cool factor then rx-350 on low beam position

    4 of my rx-350 is undergoing polishing by paleryeder

    suggestions? preferences? which would you like on 2nd retro? im torn between the two

    2. should i leave them chrome? or painted again?

    3. should i put orbit shrouds instead? (coz i really like the orbit)

    thanks in advance.. i will be doing my retro depending on your comments and suggestions/explanations..
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      Well I liked it before.


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        ok.. thank you sir... i will probably darken the foglight area and then put some hella drl? at the side (where there is chrome only) 20121212_202437.jpg
        like this?
        i think i should retro the fogs.. but i think theres no more matxhbox projectors left...


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          I think you should go crazy and do a quad Q45 projector retrofit... might cost over $2000 to make but could you imagine what 28 little lenses would look like at night? Would look mean!


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            hahaha i know but no high beam , and i drive to other towns like 3-4x a month and they are 250- 500km far.. and manitoba province is 1,460km on my gf's grandma im probably using rx350 quads i will only turn on the highbeam position on thick fog and long drive.. my lenses are still with paleryeder..
            im debating yellow (3000k) fogs with matchbox projectors in it.. or leave it led
            then a philips drl on plain chrome area of the fog light

            other plans... i mighjt use plasti dip on the chrome (clear plasti dip) to make it look like brushed aluminum.. they look premium to me... well see then mesh grill

            did you figure out that ball socket? i have 2 on each of my headlights


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              In my opinion if you are keeping the white/blue LED turn signals, and the blue/white angel eyes as well as a blue/white DRL above the fog lights, I wouldnt' do yellow in the fog lights. I would try to color match to keep everythign one color. You don't want to have all white and blue and then random yellow, just my opinion.

              And I've decided not to mess with the sockets, I'd rather not break them since I only have one set of headlights. I've already cut most of the headlight with the reflector still stuck in the socket... so why not finish with it in the socket lol.


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                well that pic was suppose to be the pic at the cut-off line when it was taken, the link on my previous retro is above.. on the first post..
                my leds are actually white.. its like this when at night

                without the umnitza halos


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                  I'd still say don't do yellow. what about orange halos, LED turn signals, and fog lights? When I mean orange I mean amber... the normal turn signal color. Would be something unique.


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                    yeah they turn amber... all of my 3 vehicles have switchback leds


                    the sorento

                    the civic


                    the civics tail lights are different now and all 3 of them dont have any halogen/incandescent bulb left in them ...

                    the tails and turn signals i used 25w led bulbs brighter than halogen 2x-3x..
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                      and well i guess so only cars i think suits yellow fogs hey?


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                        No I mean instead of having them turn amber.. how about having them stay amber at all times? Meaning your turn signals would STAY orange, same with your halo rings and fog lights.


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                          you want me to try amber halos and amber side markers?.. hmmm..


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                            Originally posted by kobi411 View Post
                            you want me to try amber halos and amber side markers?.. hmmm..
                            And amber fog lights. It would look different than all the plain white halos and LEDs around here... would be unique


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