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2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse FX-R retrofit.

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  • 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse FX-R retrofit.

    K so this is definitely not something new here with other eclipse retrofits but one major difference being that I have decided to forego the jnc mounting method using the factory reflectors or mounting to the housing directly.

    Instead I decided that since I work at a sheet metal shop that is very well equipped along with having solidworks 2012 installed on my home computer, I wanted to design and make something at work. My ultimate goal was to make a mounting bracket that would utilize the factory pivot point and horizontal/vertical adjusters.

    Edit - Also I forgot to mention that along the normal adjustments I wanted to be able to adjust the rotation so I have provisions for that as well as you will see in later photos.

    I wish I had some photos of the work that was done in Solidworks over the last week but I failed to capture any screenshots or anything since the work was mostly done in the spare time that was had during breaks. Also just as a note, I worked on this with my GF's dad who is the lead project manager for the company and who also got me the job in the first place a few months ago so big thanks to him. He did most of the work on the computer while I supervised and came up with the preliminary design to start off with. Im still new to the software so it would have taken me a much longer time to completely lay this out even given its relative simplicity.

    As for the parts im using, I simply purchased a PnP upgrade kit from the retrofit source using fx-r's with Gatling gun shrouds and Morimoto 3Five 4300 D2S bulbs.

    My vehicle already has a set of Depo H7 halogen projector assemblies installed using a VVME H7 4300k kit with their digital slim ballasts.

    Anyway by now if you have read all that preceeds this then im sure your waiting for pictures or maybe even just skipped over the reading lol.

    Here are the housing stripped of their lenses, I stripped these apart about a month ago and restored the lenses using Minwax clear spar urethane thinned down with mineral spirits after sanding and prepping the surface properly.

    Here are the lenses. As you can see I painted the large shroud assembly that attaches to the lens itself flat black to cut down on glare. Also for future reference from this point on, all painted parts are painted with flat black engine paint to withstand the heat involved with being inside a closed environment in the summer months.

    Here is an output shot in my garage of the fx-r's and morimoto bulbs using the vvme ballasts with amp to d2s adapters. Don't mind the extra crap in our garage lol. Also the quality doesn't seem to look that great using my GF's camera even though I thought it was a decent one.

    Here is the money color shot, this was out of the box BTW.

    More to come shortly...
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    I love the color! And the shot in the garage.


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      Originally posted by gold94corolla View Post
      I love the color! And the shot in the garage.
      Yea after getting setup and having a fair amount of distance between the projector itself and the wall it really showed its true color and I couldn't be happier. Also the shot really shows just how wide the beam is on these I think.


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        So here are some more photos....

        Here are the rear projector mounting plates.....

        Here are the actual plates the projector mounts to, I call these the swivel plates. The first one is actually upside down while the second is how it will sit in the housing. Also you can see the slots in the outer ears that allow for rotational adjustment.

        Here is an example of the assembly itself, there is a left and a right plate. Also all the hardware installed in these plates is pemserter brand stainless press in hardware.
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          In this photo you can get an idea of the hardware used. The standoffs on the swivel plates only serve the purpose of keeping the plate concentric inside the rear plate while adjusting the rotation.

          Here is a mockup of the plates with projector mounted before painting.

          Various other shots..


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            Shroud attached...

            Here is where the back of the projector sits relative to the housing opening...Almost perfect.

            Here it is with the lens on, I should have used the flash but I didn't but you can get an idea of how it will look.

            Now on to painting parts...

            Since you will be able to look past the shroud into the housing I didn't want the shiny plastic showing so it got the same flat black treatment that the other things did.

            Here are the FX-R's mounted to the plates.


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              So finally here are the FX-R's mounted in the fully painted housings

              Here is a look at the bottom of the projector...

              So far this is all I have done for now. I have done all of this since friday, now I just have to trim my Gatling Gun Shrouds to fit the projectors and trim to allow the projectors to sit further to the outer edge of the shrouds themselves so the lenses aren't seated so far back inside them.

              Later I plan to open these back up and add CCFL's to the shrouds and any other mods I can come up with by then.


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                Those brackets are serious! Nice work.

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                  Thanks! These are just prototypes and still need some work because in some of the photos you can see where I still had to file them in order to line up the projector mounting holes but overall the outcome was great. Only concern I have is that where the projectors sit now the bottom of the lens it just slightly above the shroud attached to the lens. I plan to get pictures of this soon. My only concern is if it will affect light output but only time will tell.


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                    Dude I wish I had that for my car
                    Looks good! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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                      very nice work looks great so far


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                        Subscribing as I am doing my first retro fit. Very nice work!


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                          Well for a little update I got the Gatling Gun shrouds trimmed down to fit onto the FX-R projectors.

                          This is what I had to sand down with my dremel in order to get them to fit over the FX-R's. If you look close enough also, you can see that I took about a quarter of an inch off of the inner ring that fits around the projector lens. I did this because in stock form I wasn't happy with how far the projector set back into the shroud and I wanted to bring it forward some so this is what I had to do.

                          Now I just need to afix the shroud to the projectors themselves and I am not quite sure if I want to try using JB Weld or clear RTV silicone at this point. Unfortunately one of my shroud centric rings snapped in half while I was test fitting the second shroud. One of them handled being slid over the metal crimp ring on the projector just fine but the other just snapped in half when I tried to fit it on there and upon closer inspection you can obviously tell one of them is made of a different material then the other one. One is dull and almost looks like glass filled nylon while the other is bright shiny brittle looking plastic. I am either going to try and salvage the rings or I might come up with something on my own. Not quite sure just yet.

                          Anyone have any experience with attaching Gatling Gun shroud to FX-R's? Any tips or advice?


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                            Like everyone else said, those brackets are genius!
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                              wow, that looks great! can't wait to see the finished product!