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  • 2005 Avalanche Retro


    I did a retro on a 05 Avalanche awhile back but never posted it. Here are the parts..

    Projectors: Rx330 AFS
    Lenses: TSX-R clear lens
    Ballasts: Matsushita Gen IV
    Bulbs: Phillips 85112+
    Mounting Method: JnC's Rotational Adjustment

    I got lucky, and found the ballasts+bulbs for only $100 on ebay, from a seller only an hour away The projectors were also on ebay for $80

    Anyways...It was a pain to do a retrofit on the 2005, because there is very limited space behind the headlights, which seems to be also a common problem on 03-06 GM trucks/suvs. I didnt have to cut too much out of the light brackets (you will see the pics below)

    Another problem I had is that my shrouds (E46-R extended) was hitting the headlight lens when I tried to place the headlight lens back on. I had to cut the the opening of the shroud (on the inside of it) bigger so I could slide the shroud further down on the projector. I couldn't slide the projector further back because of the limited space behind the headlight..

    So, here are the pics:

    Lens swap, OEM lens vs TSX-R lens

    Video of above color flicker:

    These pics show the problem with the shroud, notice how when i put the lens on, it moved the shroud off center. In the finished retro, the problem is fixed. I got lazy after finishing the retro, and havent taken pics of everything

    Left headlight bracket was a bad cutting mistake, wasnt thinking and cut that entire chunk out, so i made that little brace for it. The ignitor for the bulbs is a lot bigger for Matsushita Ballasts. When I did a mock fitting with my DDM ballasts and their D2S adapter, it fit fine but then i could't aim the lights up because the projector would hit something...I purchased a replacement bracket that i will replace eventually...

    And the finished retro:

    Also, here is a pic of how I waterproofed the ballasts. I purchased OEM rubber caps for the ballasts and cut a hole in them for the igniter cable to fit through and stuck some Ultra Black RTV Gasket Sealer (high temp silicon)

    And a pic of the back of the light. I used aluminum foil tap to tape off that open area around the boot, and its been holding tight through all the rain over the winter...
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    Very nice! I miss my avalanche :-(


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      Nice !


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          very nice. love that colorband.
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            Hi how much drop at 25 feet did you aim them at and what was the height of your projector from the ground? I'm having issues getting mine aimed correctly I have a 08 GMC Sierra with rx350 retrofit and I have no issues with oncoming traffic but my light is hitting side mirrors and going into cars that are driving in front if me resulting in me getting flashed when I pass. I didn't have a 1.5in level kit which I'm debating and taking out. My projector is 40in high from the ground and I have it set at 35in at 25 ft


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              I cant remember how much drop i had at 25ft. I've adjust it a lot to try to keep the reflection to a minimum.

              As far as your lights getting into the mirrors of cars in front of you, you're always going to have that issue since a truck's light is right around the same height of most car mirrors.
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