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2000 Saturn SL projector hack

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  • 2000 Saturn SL projector hack

    I got these low beam projectors off a Nissan at the body shop I used to work at. Broken projector headlight assembly parts in trash pile = free projector retrofit parts . So after years of accumulating this stuff, ballasts, bulbs, and different projectors, and being SICK of stupid bright ass glaring HID's in factory reflector housings, I realized that I can try my first retro fit on this car. So I did... accidentally. Bored one day at home I decided to take my headlights out and paint around the reflectors black to have black housing headlights. It looked nice, but when I peeled the masking tape off the chrome reflector after, it peeled some of the chrome off with it >.< so looking at my projectors and ruined headlights I figured why not give it a shot. Took out the dremel and air grinder and went for it. Just takes patience opening up the hole in the back to get it to fit in, and sanding/grinding down the top and bottom sides of both the projector housing and the headlight housing to fit it in (very tight fit with the narrowness). Then I realized once it was in there I was going to need to trim the bezel it came in the headlight with because of the glaring light coming from the sides, and thats where I'm at now trying to get the bezel to work well... Then it's epoxy it in, paint it up, seal it up and wire it up and thats it! Projectors in my S^TURN for free

    The donor parts:

    Heres one of the low beam projectors, I know its not the best quality out there but its pretty decent and the best choice out of all my projectors for this project.

    Ruined reflector headlights

    Starting to cut:

    Make shroud out of this?

    Yup, set aside for later:

    Was too busy grinding everything didn't take progress pics, that and its pretty straightforward and easy, just keep grinding till its in there. But here it is finally able to fit in:

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    Then after today working on the shroud:

    It looks decent, and blocks the glaring light much better, but idkmaybe I should still try to make a metal shield? top and bottom if fine since the tight fit, but the sides aren't entirely blocked:

    and got some pics of how its mounted and the opening:

    andddd heres the electronics for it. Gonna be fun trying to seal these up good and waterproof them since these were made to be inside the sealed headlight from factory:

    I think its going pretty well for my first attempt at a projector retrofit, and a kind of difficult seeming headlight assembly to do one in. But I think its going well and will have supreme lighting throughout the winter in my beater saturn DD for free, just cost a little time, and gaining experience for when I most likely do another retrofit in the future on something else.

    Basically all thats left is to finalize the shrouds, paint them black or leave them chrome? ... Wire the ballasts in and everything try to seal the electricals and make water tight, and bolt the headlights and aim them before epoxying them in with Fuzor. Then seal them up good and of course gotta wetsand and buff the hazed lenses.
    Hope it keeps going as well as it is. After this its the 95 Z28's turn. Got blazer style small Nissan projectors for fogs and bi-xenon Nissan projectors for headlights! Already brainstorming.

    Any opinions/tips guys? Thanks
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      Looks good so far! I say leave the shrouds chrome. Also maybe do a clear lens swap too?


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        I would but honestly I just want to get these things together and get it back on the road lol. The saturn is my "winter beater" but definitely going to have much better lighting this winter. I think when I do the camaro I'll swap clear lenses into the Maxima bi-xenon's and maybe attempt the color mod.


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          what nissan did the headlights come from? I have the same ones off of ebay, and I always wondered where they came from.


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            I actually have no idea I wish there was a way to find out. All I found in the trash pile was the reflector/shroud with the projectors mounted to them the headlight housings were smashed apart.


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              Keep up the good work!


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                test fitting/aiming today went pretty well. However I think the lenses are so worn I need to wetsand and buff them to get a sharper view of the cutoff. It looks somewhat blurred. But drove around tonight with them taped together looks real good pure light and they're actually pretty close to being aimed right just the way they came out. Gonna figure it out then paint them all up black again then epoxy them in and seal everything. Then gotta seal the electrical parts!!! Almost there!!!


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                  I always hated how they squeezed the headlights so close to the center line of the car... I was always thinking that someone would come up with a way to install a proper HID projector out of a AUDI TT or something and drop it into the turn signal then somehow install LEDs or somethign else for a turn signal and leave the rest for a clean look...

                  NICE WORK none the less!
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                    That would be pretty sweet. I actually thought about doing that since there is the orange bubbled out lens there, and I tried to pry off the orange lens that Is glued to the clear but just wouldn't budge. >.<


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                      Wow that's going to look really nice when it's all done
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                        Some pics of how they fit. The ignitors on the bulbs come too close to the rad support so I ground the opening bigger to fit them:

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                          Some light was coming out the side from behind the lens. So I added a little flaring on the side of the shroud to block escaping light. Used some epoxy and sheet metal.

                          Then I put em in and tried aiming them. Still trying to figure out how they're supposed to look... But heres a pic of what I thought was pretty decent aiming?


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                            Yeah that aiming looks decent from there, but you have to go outside and aim them 100' from a nice wall.


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                              Thing is I have to aim them THEN epoxy them in.... Because idk how else I'd line them up. Once they're epoxied in theres no adjusting other than the up/down of the factory housing. Its the side to side im worried about. I was thinking maybe drive to like a dark wall with my high beams on then just put the projectors in with the lens covers off and move them around till they look aimed well. Then dab some epoxy on them to the housing to hold them and wait a little bit then drive back home, take them out and seal them for real.