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The Official "Post a Picture of Your Retrofit" Thread!

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  • The Official "Post a Picture of Your Retrofit" Thread!

    I thought this would be a good time to post ONE pic of your completed retro in the daytime to give others a way to see what we've done to get that nice oem look with shrouds and bezels. Also provide as much info as you can, everyone can use my post as an example or add more details. I think it would be a good reference instead of people starting threads all the time asking how to make a retro look good. Any pic will work, do not short sell yourself. Chances are what you might hate others will love.

    CAR: 2002 honda civic sedan
    HEADLAMPS: aftermarket clear/chrome
    PROJECTORS: E46 single xenon
    SHROUDS: RS metal chrome bowls
    BEZELS: shower drain from ace hardware

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    CAR: 1995 Acura Integra GSR
    PROJECTORS: Low Beam: RX330/300ZX Lens
    ......................High Beams: Valeo 9005 High Beam Halogen Projectors

    BEZELS: High Beams Only / Original Bezels

    06 Regal Blue / Silver Subaru Impreza Outback Sport SE <-- Back-up Ride ( Tweaked STI HID Projectors)
    03 Classic Red Mazda Protege 5 <-- My DD ( HiD rEtRo “Still” In PrOgReSs )


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      Ride: 2008 Yamaha R6
      Headlamps: OEM
      Projectors: FX35/TSX Lens
      Shrouds: None
      Halos: 70mm


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        CAR: 1936 Ford Cabriolet
        HEADLAMPS: Oem custom modified
        PROJECTORS: E46 bi-xenon
        SHROUDS: Oem reflector
        BEZELS: Hidplanet for sale section special(wanted Chrysler 300)
        LENS: Reproduction 1935 Ford fluted

        1933 Chrysler co-6 convertible coupe
        1933 Dodge commercial sedan
        1933 DeSoto 3 window coupe
        1933 Dodge commercial canopy


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          1995 Civic
          Denji headlights
          Fx w/ clear valeo lens
          Is300 fogs retroed into OEM brackets and shroud

          2006 Frontier
          OEM headlights
          TL w/ ECE Bosch lens
          E60 shrouds
          OEM fogs


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            Re: Post a pic of your retrofit thread

            CAR: 2000 Toyota Tundra
            HEADLAMPS: OEM Toyota.
            PROJECTORS: Q45
            SHROUDS: none,the projectors are pretty much self-enclosed/shrouded
            BEZELS: none,other than the chrome Infiniti lense holder piece.

            BTW the fogging on the bottom near the corner light was sort of my fault. I was washing the truck @ work,whoever used the hose last had the hot water valve on which instantly caused the condensation. I never had condensation issues with these lights other than this one time ](*,)
            Originally posted by HK45
            I don't even look to see what Eddie writes anymore. I'm too busy staring at his avatar.


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              98 maxima
              fx35 projectors


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                CAR: 2007 Toyota Tacoma
                HEADLAMPS: OEM
                PROJECTORS: LS430 single xenon
                SHROUDS: LS430 chrome bowls



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                  1974 Datsun 260z
                  7" round H4 orig headlights

                  e46/ZKW Bi Xenon retrofit into 7" H4 housings

                  TL/ZKW retrofit into 7" housing with Alum powder coated cover
                  RB26dett "Skyline" powered 74 z car
                  TL/ZKW projectors
                  DL50 FatBoy Philips Bulbs
                  Retro-Solutions 30-50w adj ballast kit.




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                    CAR: 1993 Volvo 850
                    HEADLAMPS: Aftermarket Black Clear Lenses
                    PROJECTORS: E55's With Replica ZKW
                    SHROUDS: Chrysler Crossfire


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                      Car: 2007 Toyota Highlander
                      Headlamps: OEM 01-03 Highlander
                      Projectors: RX330 AFS
                      Shrouds: None
                      Bezels: 6" stove drip pan & ring from RX330 headlight

                      Car: 1999 Mazda Miata
                      Headlamps: OEM
                      Projectors: FX35
                      Shrouds: None
                      Bezels: FX35


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                        2005 Scion tC
                        TFX (Infiniti FX bi-xenon w/ TSX clear lens swap)
                        E46 replicas

                        Flickr || Car Domain || My Scion tC retro


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                          Car: 2004 Mazda 3
                          Headlight: OEM
                          Projector: TL with zkw replica
                          Shroud: stock

                          Just to prove it fits . . .


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                            Car: 2002 Nissan Altima
                            Headlights: OE
                            Projectors: SC430/E30 Lens Swap
                            Shrouds: E46 Replicas

                            Feedback Thread


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                              2001 Honda Prelude
                              FX35 projectors with RS clear lenses
                              OEM TSX bezels, custom black shrouds

                              '00 Tacoma 4x4, '02 S2000, '06 FZ6: 3 vehicles, 3 sets of OEM HID projectors. Seeing is believing!