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MLED2.0 fitted into 2015 Mazda 3 (replaced H11 2.5" lens Stanley projector)

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    Originally posted by philibuster View Post

    So the pair of m-led 2.0 I received, although the drivers have the same date, have different lenses. I ordered them from lightwerkz. One is AR (green reflected lights) and one is not. I measured a 4.7% increase in hotspot lux on the AR coated lens. Also has an interesting green reflection on the projector mounting plate (without a shroud).
    Was there a discernible difference in the beam color between the AR and non-AR?
    Originally posted by HK45
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      Originally posted by Eddie View Post

      Was there a discernible difference in the beam color between the AR and non-AR?
      Not really, since I was aiming against my neighbor's mottled brick wall.

      Looking at it again, it does seem a little warmer in color? Might be just a tad more green than the non-AR, which makes it less blue? Not super noticeable but it does look slightly different inside my garage, shooting at the garage door from 1 foot away. Could also just be natural variation of the led chips as well; I haven't swapped the lenses around to check it.
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        latecomer to this one but wow. This gives me some ideas for my 2014 CX-5, which I believe also has the same H11 Stanley projectors.
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