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Audi A4 B5 pre facelift, best options

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  • Audi A4 B5 pre facelift, best options

    Okay, fluted glass camry is now gone, fluted glass audi is on.
    It wasn't that fun to sand that glass, sure done well it's better than plastic. But what's best option for headlight upgrade for this pre facelift?
    I still have those camry lights which had ok projectors inside, maybe double projectors this time?

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    Are you leaning towards better output or more challenging retrofit? Because if it is the former, quad projectors rarely is the answer. 1 pair of good projectors plus is likely best for the former.

    Disclaimer: I have quads on my daily driver.
    Jul 2012 ROTM (3-way quad headlight) ; Sep 2015 ROTM (custom muli-lens 7" fogs)

    3-way quad wiring; foreground limiter; squirrel finder;


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      RX350 + Osram CBI and a good ballast (e.g. Denso slims)


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        I would start out with aftermarked clear headlights. Probably OEM looking ones. Then retrofit a good set of projectors.Personally I dont like the looks of quads on older cars.
        Subaru Outback retrofit:
        License plate lights with dual brightness:


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          Daum that rx350 output looks good, pretty pricey though.
          My stock headlights has fog lights, gonna use their swich to that bi-power ballast higher output switch over.
          Maybe targeting this project as more challenging ugly duckling result

          Havent seen clear glass h4 model ever made, maybe have to start with some h7/h7 depo's